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Maine’s wildlife never ceases to impress. From vocal lynx to adorable puffins, these videos surprised, amused and even saddened us.

Luckily, BDN journalists and readers alike were around to capture our furry, feathered and fishy friends. Here’s a look at our 10 favorites.

Watch a pair of lynx face off in Maine

Our most popular animal video of the year was easily this recording of two lynx having a standoff on a Maine road. Most of us had never heard lynx like this, so watching these two spar was something truly unique to take in. Yes, this is how they really sound.

What makes puffins so great

How could we forget when BDN bird expert Bob Duchesne came out with this hot take: Puffins are Maine’s sexiest bird. Whether you agree or not, we can all agree that these birds are pretty darn cute. Plus, Atlantic puffins are only found in one state in the United States: Maine.

Listen to this gaggle of 17 loons in Aroostook County

Mainers love these aquatic birds with speckled feathers and deep red eyes. And many Mainers have had their fair share of loon sightings over the years. However, have you ever seen or heard a gaggle of 17 loons? You have now.

Monarch butterflies take over Knox County farm

Who doesn’t love Monarch butterflies? We’re happy to report the brightly colored insects are making a comeback, and they took over this Knox County farm over the summer. Watch as these black, white and yellow caterpillars and green chrysalises emerge from all corners of this midcoast property.

Loon reunion

As if we could only mention one loon video. We felt all the feels as we watched a 3-week-old loon chick get reunited with his parents after he had a tumor surgically removed. The little loon was named Jordan, and he paddled off with his parents, leaving all of us with tears in our eyes.

The hawk that flew the wrong way

So not quite an animal video per se, but we still wanted to pay homage to the hawk that flew the wrong way. Native to Central and South America, the great black hawk was the first of its kind to be spotted in the United States. BDN visuals journalist (also known as a “banjournalist”) Troy Bennett did just that when he made this tune to honor the great black hawk who somehow found itself in Maine over the summer of 2018, and died after a big snowstorm in January.

Shark spotted off Maine coast

A shark sighting off the coast of Maine over the summer meant beachgoers had to be a little more cautious. Luckily the giant fish in the video above was only a basking shark. Sure, they are the second-largest sharks, but they do not pose a threat to humans. That means this was simply a cool moment caught on film.

Baby foxes play fight

In the running for the cutest Maine animal video of 2019, we have this pack of fox kits hanging out with their mother. They toss, turn and tumble with each other and their mom in a Maine yard. Basically, this is the cutest video you’ll see all year.

Picturing chipmunks and peanuts

Photographer Lauren Kennedy sets traps for chipmunks in her backyard. But these traps aren’t the deadly kind you might find elsewhere in the state, rather, they are filled with edible treats for the chippies, and Kennedy waits to snap her shot. Watch her use peanuts to lure a chipmunk in front of her lens.

Watch a bunch of corgis get in the Halloween spirit

What’s more Bangor than a gathering of corgis at Stephen King’s house during Halloween? We’d argue nothing. Dozens of corgis — many in costume — made an appearance outside the author’s home. Although Molly — King’s own corgi — didn’t make an appearance, there was plenty of cuteness on display.

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