New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leaves the field after being defeated by the Miami Dolphins in an NFL football game Sunday in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Credit: Elise Amendola | AP

As the New England Patriots head to the playoffs, all eyes are on the health of Tom Brady’s elbow, especially after a disappointing regular-season finale against the Miami Dolphins.

Brady was listed with a right elbow injury earlier this season, which was reportedly akin to tennis elbow. Since then, Brady has fielded a flurry of questions about the health of his throwing arm. He did so again Monday on his regular appearance on WEEI’s Greg Hill Show and was adamant that there was no issue — as he’s stated multiple times.

“It’s feeling good. I don’t have any problems,” Brady said. “I have no injuries. I’ve said it, like, a lot. I feel good. There’s no injury, no nothing. I wish I would’ve played better, and that’s about it.”

Brady isn’t exaggerating. He’s been asked about the health of his elbow at pretty much every postgame press conference and every in-week session with the media. His answer has remained pretty much unchanged over that stretch.

“Good. Yeah, I feel good. I have no problems,” Brady said after Sunday’s game. “So yeah, no problems.”

Brady was removed from the injury report a few weeks ago, sparking optimism that his right arm had improved. However, the 42-year-old has been spotted with ice on his arm after games, something that has not been standard procedure for him in the past.

Brady downplayed those concerns, stating that he’s gotten hit this season, and that pretty much every NFL player is dealing with something at this point.

“It’s football. You get hit,” Brady said. “I’ve gotten hit a few times on the elbow and it’s part of football. I’m sure basically every player in the league has ice bags after games and feeling different things. It’s just part of the sport. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling really good.”

Brady and the Patriots have a short week to recover and get ready for their playoff opener against the Tennessee Titans Saturday night. The Wild Card game kicks off at 8:15 p.m. EST on CBS.