Credit: Stock photo | Pexels

With temps in the teens, the Animal Refuge League is reminding pet owners to keep their pets safe in this cold weather.

The key is feeling what your pet may be feeling.

“Our general rule is if it’s too cold for us, it’s too cold for your pet,” Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland Executive Director Patsy Murphy said.

Some breeds of dog can handle some frigid weather, but most dogs, and cats, are best off having a helping hand from their owners. Put on an extra layer for them, a coat or sweater. The most important part is to cover what will be exposed the most and coming into contact with the cold ground, their paws.

“The little booties work great. A lot of dogs don’t like them, so we’ll use musher’s wax or a paste on their feet because the sand and the salt can be an irritant,” Murphy said.

Murphy says pet owners should also keep your pet hydrated and fed; keeping some extra treats around this weekend might help motivate your pooch to take care of business. There’s no exact science to monitoring your pet in cold weather. Just trust your instincts and your pet’s.

If you see any animal without shelter this weekend, call the police.