This rare great black hawk was euthanized in January 2019 after it was rescued from a Portland park during a snowstorm. Credit: Courtesy of Avian Haven

A Central American bird of prey that won the hearts of Maine birders when it made an appearance in the state has been mounted by a taxidermist for display.

The mounted great black hawk bird will be sent to the Maine State Museum, the Portland Press Herald reports. Taxidermist Tom Berube of Poland did the work. He said he expects the hawk display to travel to the museum in the coming weeks.

[Rare hawk rescued during Maine snowstorm has been euthanized]

Native to Central and South America, the great black hawk is the first of its kind to be spotted in the United States, Doug Hitchcox, an Audubon staff naturalist, told the BDN in November 2018. Its appearance in Portland in 2018 made it a minor celebrity as birders flocked to Deering Oaks Park to catch a glimpse of the rare bird.

Great black hawks do not usually fly north beyond Mexico, and it’s unclear what brought this particular bird so far beyond its normal range. But the tropical bird ran into trouble in January 2019 when a major storm brought freezing temperatures, snow and sleet to the state. The tropical hawk was ill-equipped to deal with the Maine winter and was euthanized.

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