Senator Susan Collins delivers remarks at the Maine Chiefs of Police Association Winter Conference in South Portland, Maine, Friday, Feb. 7, 2020. Credit: Shawn Patrick Ouellette | Portland Press Herald via AP

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins said officials are investigating death threats made against her since her vote to acquit President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.

Sen. Collins made the announcement on Friday in South Portland while speaking to the Maine Chiefs of Police Association.

“Since the votes this week, I’ve already had three new death threats that are considered credible that are being investigated,” Collins said.

As expected, Collins voted to acquit President Trump on both articles on Wednesday.

She said she believes he did make serious mistakes with his dealings with Ukraine, but not to the level of impeachment.

She also said she still strongly sees herself as an independent-minded senator, ready to support the president, or hold him accountable, when necessary.

“I support the president when I think his policies are right,” Collins said. “I oppose him when I think he’s wrong. That’s the approach I’ve always taken in Washington, despite the many attempts by left-wing, ‘dark money’ groups to spend millions to convince Maine voters otherwise.”