Wayfair employees take calls and answer emails at the Wayfair call center in Bangor in 2017. Credit: Ashley L. Conti

Fifty-six Maine workers will lose their jobs after the home furnishings company Wayfair announced Thursday that it’s laying off 3 percent of its global workforce. The layoffs will affect 55 people from the company’s contact center in Brunswick and one from its contact center in Bangor.

The Boston-based operation opened those centers in 2016. The news of the layoffs was first reported by the Boston Globe. The company plans to lay off a total of 550 workers, including 350 in Boston.

Company spokeswoman Susan Frechette confirmed that the layoffs will affect 56 workers in Maine. Those workers are part of special teams that are led out of the company’s Boston offices, and the layoffs will not affect sales and service workers in Maine, according to Frechette.

She said the company is laying off about 3 percent of its global workforce as part of an effort to “increase efficiencies,” but declined to share additional information on Thursday.

In an email to Wayfair employees, chief executive Niraj Shah said that the company had grown too rapidly and become inefficient as its sales appeared to be slowing, according to the Boston Globe.

In 2016, when Wayfair announced plans to open its Bangor and Brunswick locations, it anticipated 500 hires in Brunswick and 450 in Bangor. But Frechette declined to say Thursday how many people are working in each office.

The company’s Brunswick office is located at Brunswick Landing, the former Navy base. In Bangor, the company operates in a city-owned building near Bangor International Airport.