Free speech on college campuses

Michelle Malkin should be re-invited to speak to University of Maine students, and to do so on campus. She’s a serious journalist, and her book “ Sold Out” documents the shocking displacement of American STEM workers in the technology industry by foreign workers. It’s a must-read for students pursuing a STEM career.

Malkin should also be asked to explain her comments in support of Nick Fuentes and other comments with disturbing implications. Fair enough. Free speech goes both ways.

In their best selling book, “ The Coddling of the American Mind,” Dr. Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff make a compelling case that free speech and viewpoint diversity are threatened on American campuses today largely by a pattern of conservative speakers being disinvited, physically attacked and shouted down. Haidt argues that left-wing Twitter mobs and the “call out” culture has stifled legitimate debate.

Look what happened to Stephen King when he simply stated that he cared about “quality” more than “diversity” in choosing Oscars. If you’re undecided, check out Malkin’s most recent interview on C-SPAN and decide for yourself if Maine students should be shielded from hearing her speak.

Jonette Christian


Disappointed with Biden win

The Maine Democratic presidential primary is over, and Joe Biden has won. As a progressive Democrat, I’m disappointed. It seems to me that instead of choosing the best person for the job, we chose the person who had the best chance of beating the incumbent in November. Was that wise?

Shouldn’t we, the citizens of a great democracy, base our voting decisions on whom we want in office rather than on whom we want removed from office? Is “He’s not as bad as Trump” an election slogan you could endorse? As David Farmer said in a recent column in the Bangor Daily News, we have proven that Trump was right: Biden, in spite of his purblind record, indeed remains the biggest threat to Trump’s re-election.

Consider, my fellow Democrats, Biden’s aforementioned record, and then ask yourselves, is this whom we want for our president? His support for the 1994 crime bill that that led to mass incarceration of the poor), his haughty treatment of Anita Hill that helped install Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court for life, his vote for Bill Clinton’s welfare cuts, his vote for the cruel, costly, and unjustified Iraq War, and his long fight for big banks and credit card companies, including MBNA.

This is just a sample of his regressive judgment. Please, let’s remove the current president from office, but let’s not give Biden the opportunity to extend his catalog of selfishness and ineptitude.

William J. Murphy


Susan Collins works to protect Medicare Advantage

Over the past six years serving in the Maine Legislature. we have debated and acted upon many, many government programs. One that has really caught my attention is the Medicare Advantage Plan Program.

With Piscataquis County hosting the most aged population in Maine, health care issues are always of concern. Many senior citizens have emphasized their positive experiences with the Medicare Advantage program.

I’ve become increasingly familiar with the program, as I will turn 65 soon. It is easy to understand our seniors’ satisfaction. With comprehensive benefits, affordable prices, and an emphasis on preventive care, the Medicare Advantage program is aptly designed to best preserve the well-being of our country’s most vulnerable demographic. Any drastic changes to this program would negatively impact my constituency and America’s aging population.

I was pleased, and not surprised, to learn that Sen. Susan Collins was actively engaged

in protecting Medicare Advantage for our seniors as well. In fact, Collins was one of a handful that signed onto a bipartisan letter urging Congress to truly protect our senior population by preserving this essential program. Once again, Collins was in our corner working to ensure this valuable option for their health insurance needs.

Rep. Paul Stearns


Don’t forget about the caucuses

Step one: we went out to vote on Tuesday. I expect most Democrats will feel that they did their duty in this election cycle. We have to start culling the crowd of remarkable Democratic candidates. This primary should have helped. Now why bother with the caucus? Didn’t we already speak? But this election cycle is more important than ever.

Step two: we must organize to defeat President Donald Trump and his Senate sycophants, and restore American democracy at home and our status abroad. This caucus will give concerned Democrats a chance to decide how and what they can do to be part of the restoration of an America we know, love and cherish.

This will be time to vent frustrations and voice fears. People can come to their local caucus and show their support for the “rule of law,” protecting the environment, health care for their family, rebuilding our infrastructure and so much more.

This election depends on people being advocates for our eventual candidate. Our Democratic party needs you, but our beloved country needs all of us to be active and concerned more than ever. Check with the Maine Democratic Party and join us in your town on Sunday, March 8.

Veronica Magnan

Stockton Springs

Acadia National parking

I am a native of Maine. I see on the news recently that Acadia National Park is going to start reserved parking on Cadillac Mountain and its road, and timing how long you can be there.

I almost never go to Bar Harbor, especially in the summer because of the traffic. I know that the tourists are a major source of income for the area.

My complaint is, though I rarely go there, it annoys me to the fact I live here and I have to get permission to spend time in my own state’s natural scenery. There should be no charge to natives of Maine — this is ridiculous that I, a lifelong native, must have permission to see any nature of Maine.

I think it’s just a way of the park service to generate money. I understand tourists being charged a fee, but Maine native should be exempt.

Gary King