Why I support overtime protections

I am writing in favor of LD 402, “Expanding Overtime Pay for Maine Workers.“ This bill directly impacts members of my family, my friends, and the overall working population of Maine. I am a single mother of two young children. I am not only working, but also a full-time student. Protecting Maine workers is a priority of mine because I know what it feels like to work and not have my employer pay me for that time.

While working as a waitress and hostess, I was working beyond 40 hours a week — nearly 50 — yet my employer did not pay me overtime. This impacted my confidence, as I did not feel appreciated as a worker. It took a big emotional strain since my family provided care for my child, so I was working later into the night and was not able to compensate them properly. It not only put a strain on us financially, but also emotionally as I was working long hours during my sons developmental age.

With the money I should’ve been paid, I could’ve planned better financially and built a safety net of savings. I also could have less stress and worry over purchasing usual items such as diapers, wipes, and food for my child. I was put in difficult and stressful situations from not being paid for hours of my time and labor. This is distressing and tiring, especially to a new young mom.

I also have friends and family who do not get paid overtime. This is a community issue and needs to be treated as such. I urge my legislators to vote yes on LD 402.

Kate Amelia


My tax dollars and dental care

Many Mainers hope for LD 1955 to be passed, which would add dental care to MaineCare insurance. While I do agree that it would be good for Mainers to have dental care covered, I also disagree with the idea of all Mainers getting this benefit.

Dental care, such as regular cleanings, can be quite expensive and some people may not be able to afford it, so they may have bad dental health. Many diseases such as heart disease, have been linked to poor dental health and studies show women who are pregnant and have poor dental health have lower birth weight and are at high risk of having their child prematurely.

No one should be denied the necessary care to keep them healthy, but those who don’t work should not be given this benefit — this thought does not apply, though, to the elderly or disabled. It may sound harsh, but to the people who are putting in work, paying their taxes, and losing some of their paycheck to the government, we think it’s cheating.

Our taxes go towards paying for Medicaid even if we don’t have it ourselves. So, why should the Mainers who have worked hard for their money have no choice but to let the government take out whatever taxes necessary to support those who haven’t worked?

Elizabeth Fessenden


Freedom isn’t free

What makes me mad about our country is how those who have not been in the military think that they deserve freedom! Freedom is not free, it always comes with a price, and Americans are that price!

The only time politicians and organizations seem to care is when they want to use the military personnel for their own purpose, to make themselves look better and to make others think they care.

It sickens me that so many have given so much for a country that they love beyond belief, enough to sacrifice themselves for it, and yet the country does not seem to care about them! How many Americans have shed their blood for this country, and yet this country wipes off military personnel like they were a mosquito that was bothering them!

People that have served and are serving this nation love this country, and they show it. So, what do the rest of you do?

Robert Tomlins