Acadia National Park's new chief ranger, Therese Picard. Credit: Courtesy of the National Park Service

Acadia National Park has tapped a 17-year veteran of the National Park Service as the new chief ranger.

Acadia’s superintendent, Kevin Schneider, announced Wednesday that Therese Picard, who currently serves as the deputy chief ranger, would assume that role. Picard has served as the acting chief ranger since September 2019, according to Christie Anastasia, a spokeswoman for Acadia National Park.

“We are pleased to share that Therese is now the chief ranger at Acadia National Park,” Schneider said. “She has done an excellent job as deputy chief ranger and her leadership, experience, and strong collaboration skills will carry forward into her new role.”

Picard began her 17-year career in the park service at Acadia, where in 2005 she jointly managed the park service and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration project on impaired driving and occupational safety on federal lands.

In 2008, Picard transferred to Utah’s Zion National Park, where she served as a supervisory district ranger and then as the law enforcement specialist. She returned to Acadia in 2017, according to Anastasia.

Picard graduated from Carleton College in Minnesota with a degree in American studies and a concentration in educational studies, and earned a master’s degree in park and resource management from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, according to Anastasia.

“I am honored to be selected for this important position at Acadia National Park,” Picard said. “After serving as a volunteer of Mount Desert Island Search and Rescue for a number of years, I started my seasonal career in law enforcement at Acadia and I am still inspired by the work here, 17 years later. I have a deep commitment to this park and this island, and I look forward to working with the surrounding communities to protect this special place and keep visitors safe.”

Anastasia said the park’s chief ranger works with staff and partners to protect and preserve Acadia, including overseeing and leading law enforcement rangers, rangers who assist with entrance passes, fire management, life guards, emergency medical services and search and rescue.