Credit: CBS 13 | WGME

Police officers in Maine’s second largest city are working under a new drug-testing policy instituted after the overdose of an officer.

The death of officer Nicholas Meserve in February 2019 called attention to the lack of universal drug-testing policies for law enforcement. Merserve died of an accidental opioid overdose.

The policy requires drug-testing for new applicants, as well as “employees that are under reasonable suspicion,” the Sun Journal reports

Deputy City Administrator Denis D’Auteuil said the city and local chapter of the Maine Association of Police came to terms on the policy in late February. The union to the drug-testing policy in exchange for changes to the department’s policies on facial hair and tattoos.

The city and union signed off the policy agreement March 3. The department is using the policy while awaiting formal approval from the Maine Department of Labor.