This missing dog was returned to her owners six months after being lost. Credit: Maine Lost Dog Recovery | BDN

Nellie the missing Great Pyrenees mix survived for six winter months after getting lost in Addison and being found last week more than 50 miles away, WABI TV reports.

The 90-pound dog was found in Calais after being trapped by Animal Control Officer Dave Townsend and several volunteers from Maine Lost Dog Recovery. Townsend says he spotted her many times over the last few months and is happy she is now safe and healthy.

“If she came all the way through there like Machias to Calais, I mean, there’s really no place to find food from that distance. That’s a little over 50 miles right there that she never really had any food. I’m just glad we finally caught her. I want to thank Maine Lost Dog Recovery for helping me out traps and a little information here and there,” Townsend said.

He says he’s amazed that she was able to make it through many cold winter nights, WABI TV reports.