The joy of living

First, the Bangor Daily News’ apparent lack of respect for opinions printed and submitted herein does it no credit. Second, freedom always trumps being “safe.” The only true safety is the grave and we are all due there sooner or later — use your head, not your fear, and do what needs be done and accept the consequences.

As an octogenarian, life has no value if you live in fear of the COVID-19 bogeyman; respect it and act accordingly, but don’t let our government or our decrepit health care system put a dent in the joy of living.

Frederick Mendel


Everyone’s life is precious

I would like to respond to the letter to the editor entitled, “ Silver Lining” in the April 25-26 edition of BDN. No one’s death should be viewed as a silver lining to promote an economic cause or a political agenda.

Retirees work their entire life to have a few good years to enjoy. To be taken down by a virus from China would be extremely unfortunate and furthermore, death or no death, this disease would be horrible to get.

Most of us do not live in a bubble where we can completely isolate ourselves from the world. Everyone of us, regardless of age or circumstances, needs to do our best with the knowledge we have, to avoid exposure and help others to do so as well. Everyone’s life is precious, whatever the circumstances.

Jean Barry


Saving America from plutocracy

I believe the outcome of Maine’s elections should be decided by one group only: Mainahs. The other day I received a disturbing text (undoubtedly to ruffle my feathers) from a cousin of mine who owns a highly lucrative hedge fund in Manhattan. My irritating relative apparently wants to influence our state’s U.S. Senate election by donating mega money to Sara Gideon to help unseat Sen. Susan Collins in the hopes to turn the Senate in 2020. And he is not alone.

Apparently, other affluent New Yorkers are attempting to influence our election by throwing a lot of money into our campaigns. Now, regardless of one’s politics — left, right, center or nonbeliever — it should leave everyone with a very bad taste in their mouth to think that an out-of-state billionaire with zero connection to Maine can influence the outcome of our state election. And vacationing at a friend’s palatial coastal haven along Route 1A for respite from city life and a taste of lobster doesn’t count.

That said, I hope that Mainers will not be seduced by expensive ads and everything that big money can afford a campaign. This should not be misconstrued as an endorsement for one candidate over another. This is simply an endorsement for campaign finance reform. We must salvage American democracy from insidious plutocracy, whether it’s from the left or from the right.

Lisa Littlejohn


Truth and respect

I find support for President Donald Trump both confounding and reprehensible. Supporters enable his falsehoods, alleged corruption and hatefulness to dominate the political arena that has permeated society. The rule of law matters, and lying should be made unlawful with more consequences than we have today.

Good character matters and should be made a prerequisite standard to all political office.

The wealthy received much of the trillion dollar Republican tax cut and much of the recent trillions in wasteful free money via a coronavirus “stimulus package.” During the Great Depression, wealth ruled over poor folks. Trump support has bolstered his unfairness

and extreme prejudices that keep us foolishly divided. This unfounded support is deplorable.

Biased media repeat his misinformation that enables his apparent corruption to rage on without any consequence. Complicit and partisan Republicans in Congress are also culpable. Support for Trump enables deceitful behaviors. Trump does not show the fairness, compassion, positive inspiration or moral character that a president should.

I believe that Republican support for Trump reflects more like a cult than a conservative political organization. It is numbingly sad!

Corporations are not people and corporate rule is not democracy. We, the people, are.

We need independent, regulated media to inform and raise truth to the highest standards,

and a nonpartisan justice system. We need an honest State Department, a modernized

Department of Education and an efficient military. We need an Epidemiological Department!

We need a new president and senators who can better represent us with intelligence,

compassion and dignity. America needs discerning voters to change this chaos called the

Trump administration and to support truth, honesty and respect for American values.

May God bless America, again!

Dennis St. Jean


Maine observations

Being from away, I have observed and learned those wonderful Mainer idiosyncrasies which most people inherit over the years and express everyday:

They are too proud, self reliant, who quite often refuse to be helped; sometimes hearing, “I have all that I need for today!”

They are, mostly, always against change. I joke with them by asking them if it is still 1950.

They are somewhat not happy with all the tourists here in warmer weather, yet, they welcome the help from them towards the economy.

Maine people have an ingrained warmth, the uniqueness of these people, that is evident everyday.

Visitors recognize the friendliness of these natives (Mainers) seeking these feelings upon their frequent returns here.

These are my feelings obtained through my experiences being a year-round resident here everyday.

Ron Ferri


Using facts to make decisions

President Trump says why not try the use of an antimalarial medication against the coronavirus. What difference would it make?

Using antimalarial drugs without common sense could have long lasting negative effects. An article in the March/April 2020 DAV (Disabled Veterans) Magazine mentions symptoms from the drug Mefloquine that may mimic acute psychiatric disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs has contracted with the National Academy of Medicine to study the long-term health effects of antimalarial medications.

Sensible people believe in scientists and the scientific method: observation, requirement, analysis, prediction and verification. With this you use facts to make decisions. President Trump does not seem to use this method for decisions. He should take care, as years later we might have victims of ineffective drug side effects to deal with.

Paul Satkowski