Police car. Credit: Stock image | Pixabay

Four people were arrested Sunday when an incident that began as a motorcycle accident and turned into a 100-mph chase ended with the driver’s relatives allegedly trying to stop police from impounding the motorcycle.

Clarence I. Rider Jr., 63, of Exeter; Casey Rider, 36, of Pittsfield; Arlene M. Rider, 62, of Exeter; and Stephanie A. Freeman, 31, of Skowhegan were charged Sunday with obstruction of governmental administration for allegedly interfering with the loading of the motorcycle onto a flatbed truck.

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office will apply for an arrest warrant to charge the driver, Clarence I. Rider III, in connection with the approximately 15-mile police pursuit from Canaan to Pittsfield that started sometime after 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, according to a statement released by the office on Tuesday.

They will also seek a warrant charging Clarence Rider Jr. and possibly others with an alleged assault on sheriff’s deputies and a flatbed truck operator.

The incident began when a motorcycle crash was reported on Hill Road in Canaan. Deputies were headed there when Canaan Fire Department firefighters radioed that the motorcycle driver and a passenger drove away.

Deputy Stephen Armiger saw the motorcycle shortly after and tried to pull it over on Route 2, according to the sheriff’s office. That’s when the motorcycle accelerated. It passed other vehicles, at times reaching speeds greater than 100 mph, creating a situation hazardous enough that Armiger’s supervisor, Corporal Matthew Cunningham, called off the pursuit.

That’s when Armiger saw the motorcycle turn onto Wilson Road in Pittsfield, a dead end. He followed the motorcycle onto Wilson and saw the driver push the passenger off the motorcycle. The motorcycle then accelerated through a cornfield, around Armiger’s cruiser and back to the road. Armiger let it go, instead checking on the well-being of the passenger. That’s when he identified the passenger and the operator, who was Clarence Rider III.

The identification of Rider III led sheriff’s deputies to the motorcycle at an address on Livingston Street in Pittsfield, but not Rider III himself. That’s when the dispute over the impounding and the alleged assaults occurred.

The four suspects made bail and are due to appear on Sept. 9 at Skowhegan Unified Court. Somerset sheriffs ask anyone with information concerning Rider III to call 207-474-9591.