In this Wednesday, June 8, 2016 file photo Adrienne Bennett, then-press secretary for former Gov. Paul LePage, holds a microphone during a town hall meeting, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: Joe Phelan / Kennebec Journal via AP

You probably don’t know who I am.

I am not a business tycoon. I am not wealthy. And I’m not in politics.

I’m a retired nurse, born and raised in Maine. I have four sons and I have worked day in and day out to provide for my family. I had an extra job to make ends meet. My husband worked two. In a time where we see political candidates spending obscene amounts of money on ads touting the endorsements of wealthy donors and career politicians, I felt compelled to give my endorsement, and my vote, to Adrienne Bennett in the 2nd Congressional District Republican primary.


Because Bennett is one of us.

She was born to a single mother in rural Maine and grew up in poverty with no running water, spending her days cutting, splitting and stacking wood to keep the house warm. After putting herself through her senior year of high school, Bennett went off to college, had her amazing daughter and worked three jobs to earn her degree.

After college, Bennett started her own business and eventually joined the LePage administration, working as the governor’s press secretary. Throughout her whole adult life, she was determined not to allow her daughter to experience the cycle of welfare she grew up in. And her daughter is now proudly attending a community college studying business — debt free.

Bennett understands the struggles that working families in the 2nd Congressional District fight through each day. She has spent many sleepless nights worrying about paying the mortgage, the oil bill, health care and groceries. She is relentlessly loyal to those she cares about; that’s what will make her a fantastic voice for rural Maine.

The establishment in both parties are scared of people like Bennett. They don’t want you to know that the career politicians take care of their own — and forget Maine’s working families. Bennett is boldly telling the swamp in D.C. and Augusta that enough is enough. It is why she is the only candidate running for Congress who has supported President Donald Trump from day one.

True, she has not sat in committee hearings in Augusta, year after year never getting anything done. True, she has not learned how to cozy up to lobbyists and accept their praise in return for votes.

But also true, she has walked in our shoes and fought tooth and nail to provide for the people she loves. In my mind, that experience trumps all.

Adrienne Bennett is running for Congress for my family and yours, and she’s playing to win.

Linda Reardon of Orrington is a retired nurse.