Your mask protects me

Recently, I was subjected to thoughtless and life-threatening behavior by a group of approximately eight cyclists. Life-threatening because I am approaching my 89th birthday, and if I catch COVID-19 there is a high probability I would die from it. This closely spaced group had just reached the top of a hill and was huffing and puffing with no masks on, and undoubtedly emitting thousands of respiratory droplets laden with a mix of viruses and bacteria.

Were there one or more COVID carriers in the group? They were biking a narrow, public, dead-end country road. The usually quiet road is where I and some of my neighbors walk by ourselves or with our dogs for exercise. I was walking in the opposite direction from the bikers, and they could see me from a distance on one edge of the road. Instead of falling into a single file on the opposite side of the road, they maintained a formation that occupied most of it. At the last minute I was able to scurry about 10 feet up a neighbor’s driveway to distance myself, but was it far enough?

The breadth laden air was moving from the group toward me. In a time of pandemic, must we elderly country folk never go outdoors because of thoughtless, threatening behavior by other members of the community?

Ronald B. Davis


Learn about the candidates

So you got your ballot in the mail, now what? The best electorate is an informed electorate. With the internet, it’s now relatively easy to find information about all of the candidates and not only read their official planks, but also learn about what they have already accomplished and to see and hear them in action through online videos and on social media. How they run is how they’ll govern. Are they accessible to voters and willing to address tough issues head on? With ranked-choice voting it’s more important than ever to spend some time determining the order to rank your choices.

In the primary election ending July 14 one of the most important decisions for Maine Democrats will be who we nominate to challenge U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. Democratic leadership in Washington has put their thumb on the scale in favor of one candidate. But is that really in the best interests of Mainers, or just the Democratic National Committee?

Current events make it crystal clear that we need major systemic changes in how government represents the citizens. Keeping the status quo is not the answer. Talking about problems is easy, while implementing effective solutions takes hard work. Mainers should decide for themselves which candidate they think will best represent us in Washington.

Voters should use every tool at their disposal to understand what each would actually do to accomplish the change that we need, and give their support accordingly.

Peter Homer

Southwest Harbor

Crafts for Congress

We need a leader in Washington that has the experience, moral compass, and ability to make the tough decisions necessary to solve the challenges we face as a state and nation. In the coming election, we need someone who will stick to their principles, work hard for the citizens of Maine and listen to what the needs are for the folks back home.

For me, Dale Crafts is the right candidate to represent the Maine people in Washington.

I have known Dale for many years and worked with him while we served in the Maine Legislature. He is a hardworking individual and a good friend. As a businessman of over 40 years, a Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine board member and former state representative, Dale is the proven conservative leader we can trust. Join me in voting for Dale Crafts for Congress on July 14.

Andre Cushing


Destruction here in Maine

In the wake of the horrendous death of George Floyd, the nation has seen lawful protests that bring awareness to the heinous actions of certain unlawful police and their poorly managed department in Minneapolis. The horrific sight of this act still shocks and grieves all of us. We want justice to be done for Floyd and his family.

However, during these protests there has also come a wave of unlawful violence on the part of many individuals that has caused extreme harm to those in law enforcement, firefighters and other necessary responders who are committed to protecting the public while keeping law and order. These looters and vandals have destroyed property, set destructive fires and attacked people in their way. The costs are high, financially as well as emotionally, to the cities and the owners who have been targets of these despicable acts of violence. Their businesses are now in jeopardy, their stores are ruined.

While Maine may not have seen the same destruction witnessed in the past few days throughout America, our state has potentially seen something worse: the absolute destruction of our businesses and livelihoods.

We have seen a figurative “torching and smashing” of restaurants, camps and fairgrounds, stores, shops, schools, churches and healthcare centers. I believe this outcome is due to the unrealistic policies of Gov. Janet Mills and her administration.

A smashed window or door can be restored in days; a torched or graffiti-stained building can take longer. Business owners in other states will hopefully survive the vandalism and return to normal. But here in Maine, local businesses and towns for which they exist, that have already suffered through threats from a world-wide pandemic, are now being further annihilated by severe governmental measures, and they will be difficult to resuscitate. Mills has, in effect, put her knee on the neck of Maine.

Elizabeth Printy



The heritage I celebrate 

I appreciate Lincoln Rep. Sheldon Hanington’s service in the U.S. Army and his offering himself for election to the Maine House. I also support his right to speech that may offend me. But I must ask how his attempt to celebrate the “heritage” of the failed Confederacy reflects on the roughly 80,000 Maine men that served in the Civil War on the side of the Union, and to the roughly 8,400 that died?

The Lincoln Civil War monument, dedicated in 1887, contains the following inscription, “Erected in Honor of the men of Lincoln who served their country in the War which preserved the Union, destroyed slavery and maintained the Constitution.” That is the heritage that I choose to celebrate.

Jim McGowan


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