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A night after a tweet and other posts showed a photo of a crowd of more than 100 people on Portland’s Wharf Street with nary a face mask in sight, businesses there complied with coronavirus regulations, a city spokesperson said Sunday.

Conversations city enforcement officials had with Wharf Street businesses on Saturday morning — and the threatened if not actual appearance of police and two city code officers there on Saturday night — were effective in deterring Saturday night crowds from violating the face mask requirement, spokesperson Jessica Grondin said.

“No violations cited last night; businesses complied,” Grondin said in an email on Sunday. “We will continue to monitor and address as needed.”

The tweet on Saturday that showed a picture of a Friday night crowd warned: “Wharf Street last night, just in case you were wondering where the next Maine COVID outbreak was gonna come from.”

Portland responded to the tweet, which was widely circulated, with a civic alert warning that threatened to end outdoor dining on Wharf Street or others wherever violations are discovered.