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Reviewing the scorecard

Let’s review the interim scorecard for COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization Situation Report 162 for June 30, America had 2,537,636 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and Canada had 103,250 cases. America has roughly nine times more people than Canada, but by my calculations, on an equivalent per capita basis, Canada has had 63 percent fewer COVID-19 cases and 39 percent fewer COVID-19 related deaths. America’s number of COVID-19 cases is increasing again; Canada’s number of cases is still decreasing.

Which country has responded better to the pandemic? Who has provided better leadership? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or President Donald Trump? Trump is 74 years old, and he has refused to wear a face mask.

And in case people have not heard, last week Trump filed a legal brief with the Supreme Court to kill Obamacare. What type of person seeks to eliminate health insurance for millions of Americans during a pandemic? Happy birthday, America!

Stephen Freeman

Presque Isle

Sweet will reclaim our democracy

I first met Betsy Sweet 28 years ago when we volunteered on a Nuclear Weapons Freeze campaign and Tom Andrews’ congressional campaign. To know her is to trust and to like her.

I’ve seen Betsy push tirelessly to fix what is broken in Augusta, and Washington needs her help even more. Big money controls our government today, and prevents progress on the climate crisis, medication prices and all kinds of inequality. And corporations will not give up their control without a pitched battle.

Moderate Democratic positions are not strong enough to fundamentally change this “business as usual.” We need to elect someone bolder, like Sweet, who would not rest until we have actually fixed these problems. We need someone like Sweet, who is inspirational and authentic, who can generate the kind of enthusiasm necessary to defeat a four-term incumbent.

Richard Thomas


Gideon’s expertise

I have been a full time resident of Maine for almost four years. I am so glad to have the chance to elect Sara Gideon to the U.S. Senate. I moved here full time from Kentucky and it is time to turn the Senate blue!

Gideon is the woman who in our Maine House of Representatives brought both sides of the aisle together. Our government in Washington desperately needs that now to bring our wonderful country back together instead of trying to divide us.

As a seasonal resident of Orland and permanent resident of OceanView at Falmouth, I feel Gideon will support residents of all Maine: rural and residential. She is young, energetic, experienced and supported by Mainers like me, not by special interest groups from away.

I have already voted for Gideon by mail in the primary and I look forward to doing the same in November in the general election to bring our country, with Gideon’s expertise, back together again!

Mollie Heron


Pattavina for State Senate

I am writing, as a health care colleague, to support the candidacy of Dr. Charles Pattavina for state senator from Waldo County.

Pattavina is an incredibly reasonable, compassionate and honest man, a rarity these days.

Having worked with Pattavina for several years, I was able to observe and experience his dedication for and commitment to those he took care of, his team and the organization. He consistently held all to the highest of standards.

His approach to identifying opportunity for improvement or problem resolution was thoughtful and intentional as was evidenced by his seeking out diverse opinions, researching data, welcoming open discussion, and always an advocate for those he represented. He is an excellent communicator.

He is definitely worth the support of the voters of District 11. Residents of Waldo County and the State of Maine will be fortunate to have such a competent leader in our Senate.

Judy Street, RN


Yes on Question 2

During this age of coronavirus, I am concerned about low voter turnout and hope that many voters will consider voting by absentee ballot, in case they are unable to make it to the polls. Question 2 on the statewide ballot on July 14 is probably one of the most important issues Maine voters will have an opportunity to decide, along with the $15 million broadband investments, which is Question 1.

We cannot afford not to go to polls. The transportation bond includes $90 million for roads and bridges and $15 million for transit, trails and other non-highway modes. The bond also leverages significant federal and private funds. This money is desperately needed in the short-run for our transportation system.

In the long-term, much more needs to be done to fund transportation, but if the bond doesn’t pass, projects will be cut this year. With people driving less during the pandemic, the Maine Department of Transportation’s funds are cratering even more than usual.

I urge every voter to take this seriously and ensure that this bond issue passes so we can make some important investments, and put people back to work.

Wayne Berry


Professional and loving care

We are a family that has a loved one residing at the Westgate Center for Rehabilitation and Alzheimer’s. We want to publicly thank the entire staff for providing such professional and loving care for all their residents. To say that they have gone above and beyond is an understatement.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we were already impressed by the high level of care that the staff provided, day in and day out. Recently we have been able to see, in person, our family member. We were thrilled! The extraordinary efforts the staff undertook to organize this in person visit, as well as a car parade a few weeks ago was wonderful.

During the visits, which were outside with plenty of safety precautions, we not only witnessed the look of joy on the resident’s faces, but also the look of pride and love on the faces of each staff member. Their ongoing determination to provide a safe, secure, and loving environment has not gone unnoticed. We applaud them one and all!

Ken and Cathy Hanscom


Election notice

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