In this Wednesday, June 8, 2016 file photo Adrienne Bennett, then-press secretary for former Gov. Paul LePage, holds a microphone during a town hall meeting, in Augusta, Maine. Credit: Joe Phelan / Kennebec Journal via AP

I am writing to let you know why I am supporting and endorsing Adrienne Bennett in the 2nd Congressional District Republican primary.

Bennett has pursued her candidacy with the very integrity that we need both in Augusta and Washington, D.C. I cite as one such example her handling of Gov. Janet Mills recently appearing in public without a mask in violation of her own executive order the use of masks.

A leader should always follow their own orders. Here we have an example of Mills using a double standard.

Now let’s look at the response from Bennett.

Not only did she make sure that the photo was authentic, she protected the privacy of the young woman in the photo with Mills by blurring her face.

Simply put, she made sure that the information was accurate and made sure to protect the privacy of someone in the photo that was unrelated to the matter being discussed.

If this was the first time I had met or heard Adrienne Bennett’s name, I would vote for her just on this point alone. Putting that much effort into this shows the ethic of the person bringing the matter to light.

There are plenty more reasons why I support Bennett.

As a member of the LePage administration, Adrienne served with pride and distinction the people who live and work in Maine. She has a proven track record of serving Mainers and protecting their rights. As a former media professional with WABI, she showed journalistic integrity in her making sure that the photo of Mills was accurate and not altered.

Bennett has made sure that the rights of people are upheld. She has taken the COVID-19 crisis seriously and made sure that she has never wavered from that. Since the mask order has been a source of ongoing frustration and authenticity issues, Bennett has had and does have the right to question both it and also the people who are demanding that the masks be used, and showing that Mills ignores her own edict.

I praise Bennett for digging in and standing firm for Mainers. She is just the fighter we need in office working for Mainers. She will fight for Maine and support our role nationally as we work as a nation to move forward in the global picture as well.

That’s why I feel that Bennett is our candidate for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.

Deril Stubenrod of Belgrade is an author and minister.