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Be thankful, not angry

As I sat reading Stephen Thode’s OpEd about his frustration at not being able to celebrate his 44th wedding anniversary in Maine, my thoughts went elsewhere. I thought of those dying alone from COVID-19 without their spouse holding their hand and hugging them one last time. I thought of the husband not able to be at his wife’s side comforting her as she lay in pain and dying. I thought of the many health care professionals missing anniversaries to work long hours on the front lines saving other people’s husbands and wives and the many who died while trying.

I would suggest to Thode instead of being angry with Gov. Janet Mills for her policies to control the spread of COVID-19, which would spoil his anniversary plans, that he focus on what he does have. He should celebrate 44 years of marriage with his wife, a wonderful accomplishment in any time. He should be thankful that they are healthy and they are together, stay home and look at old photos of trips to this beautiful state and open up a bottle of champagne!

One last thing, and then I’ll go back to reading the OpEds. Mills and her administration have done an amazing job fighting this unpredictable virus, making tough choices, knowing the costs and the risks and being successful in keeping Mainers safe.

Nancy Bell


Tori Kornfield for state Senate

Please join me in supporting Tori Kornfield in the Democratic primary for the Maine Senate. In her tenure as state representative, Kornfield has always worked for Bangor to meet our needs. Her expertise and experience will enable her to continue to help our area in her newly elected role in the Senate.

One strength that makes Kornfield stand apart from other candidates is her ability to work with other legislators regardless of party affiliation, which has earned her respect from both her constituents and fellow elected officials. She brings people together to accomplish her goals of keeping Maine schools academically strong, improving access to health care, and building infrastructure like broadband. These three areas all have been proven critical in our current pandemic and attest to her focus on what matters to Mainers.

Kornfield has both the passion and the temperament needed to put citizens’ needs before politics and posturing.

Susan Thibedeau


Richard Evans for House District 120

If there was ever a time when medical knowledge matters, this is the time. Even at the state level, important decisions must be made every day. Dr. Richard Evans has the education and life experience to participate in these important discussions.

Evans is a physician, surgeon, U.S. Air Force veteran and past president of the Maine Medical Association. He lives here and wants to make a difference.

Campaigning right now is difficult. He can’t get out and knock on the doors of House District 120 the way he’d like to. So please remember we have a doctor from Mayo Regional Hospital running to represent us. He needs our support and will represent us well. Piscataquis Country needs a shake-up, and electing Evans is a good place to start.

Lynn Weston


How Collins delivers

As the state senator from Washington County, I am greatly appreciative of the work Sen. Susan Collins has done in the U.S. Senate to help my constituents weather the COVID-19 storm. Fortunately, the disease itself hasn’t had much of a presence in our corner of the state, but the economic fallout has been felt by many, and certain restrictions that remain in place today have made this a challenging season for businesses that rely on tourism. But I am confident that, because of steps Collins took, things aren’t as bad as they could have been.

As soon as it became clear that our state would have to go to extreme measures to control the spread of this disease, Collins did what she does best: she brought all sides together, during a highly divisive time, to work towards solutions to the problems at hand. The result was the Paycheck Protection Program, which funneled more than $2 billion into Maine’s economy to support more than 27,000 businesses and protect an estimated 200,000 jobs.

As you can tell by the numbers, the impact of this program was huge, and has allowed many Main Street businesses that would have otherwise shuttered to remain open.

Collins also went to bat for our seafood industry, delivering $20 million to help commercial fishermen impacted by the virus. In addition, she delivered $7.75 million to help support Maine farms, millions to support K-12 and institutions of higher education and $1.25 billion to support our state and local governments

There are so many ways Maine benefited from Collins’ hard work and sound leadership during this challenging time. I would like to thank her for her dedication and willingness to put politics aside to get things done for her constituents.

Sen. Marianne Moore


Safer ways to vote this year

To the voters of the state of Maine, there is a safer way to vote this year, beating a crowded voting place: The mail-in absentee ballot. This can come from your town office. There also is an in-person absentee ballot that you can fill out at your town office.

Wait there is more: the town offices across the state may have different days and hours open than others. So make sure of the days and hours open before you go. The mail-in needs time to get to you and time to return before the July 14 primary. Better to check in to get your absentee ballot for the general election and allow enough time to get it mailed in or fill out an absentee ballot in person.

David Eldridge


Election notice

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