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Baldacci for state Senate

Sometimes in primary elections it is hard to decide how to vote when the party of your choice provides two strong candidates. But I am voting for Joe Baldacci. And here is why.

Baldacci is an extremely well rounded candidate with proven leadership and a passion for working for others. In his heart and soul lies a deep commitment to the Bangor area. He is dedicated to the ideals of meaningful work and access for all persons to adequate health care.

Of primary importance to me personally is his belief that at the foundation of government should be equal rights, social justice and respect for all persons.

While great strides have been made in the recent past, including a landmark Supreme Court ruling supporting LGBTQ work place protections, there are obviously ongoing threats to these ideals on many fronts. We need to look no further than the recent reports of racist behaviors at Bangor High School.

I trust Baldacci to continue to be at the forefront of any attempt to erode basic human rights. Not only will he protect these rights, but he will provide leadership as he has in the past by supporting the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance in 2001, spearheading the effort to have Bangor support the first Supreme Court case for marriage equality, supporting funding for the Maine Multicultural Center and organizing the first incredibly successful Community Interfaith Dinner.

Whether you plan to vote absentee or by going to the polls on July 14, vote for Joe Baldacci.

Suzanne Brunner


Curry cares about our community

As the District 93 representative for the Maine House, I know what it takes to be effective in Augusta. We need people like Chip Curry who listen, who can find common ground with others and who can solve problems for the people of Maine.

I’ve seen Curry open doors, give support, and guide people to achieving their career goals. Through my work with Penquis and the Knox County Homeless Coalition, I regularly connected with people who were in difficult life situations, and had not even considered any advanced education or additional training. I saw them gain confidence and be successful through Curry’s mentorship and encouragement. As the advisor at the University of Maine at Augusta’s Rockland Center (UROCK) he was a tremendous support to those who chose to pursue college and prepare for good paying jobs.

I trust Chip Curry because he cares about all people in our community. He follows through on his promises, and works hard to help others follow through on their hopes, as well as their needs. I believe he will be a great senator!

Rep. Pinny Beebe-Center


Voting responsibly in Senate District 8

Given the present toxic political environment in which we find ourselves trying to discern truth from “fake news,” there is little in the way of divisive and hateful speech that surprises me anymore. However, there is one statement made many years ago by a Republican primary candidate for Maine Senate District 8, currently represented by Sen. Kimberley Rosen, that still shocks and dismays. ( District 8 includes the towns of Bradley, Brewer, Bucksport, Burlington, Castine, Clifton, Dedham, East Central Penobscot Unorganized Territory, Eddington, Great Pond, Holden, Lincoln, Lowell, Northwest Hancock Unorganized Territory, T32 MD Township, Orland, Orrington, Penobscot, Verona Island, and part of East Hancock Unorganized Territory).

In the 1990s, Lawrence Lockman was part of the Pro Life Education Association and was quoted as saying, “If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.” Appalling, no? He later issued lame regrets for his utterance, and has been elected to the Maine House of Representatives multiple times.

Let me be clear: I don’t have a dog in this fight. As an unenrolled voter, I won’t be participating in the July 14 Republican primary, and I offer this information solely in the interest of an informed electorate. Please vote responsibly.

Rodney L. Hanscom


Rank Sweet first

With ranked-choice voting, this election cycle is the best opportunity yet to replace Susan Collins; the majority that wants someone else to represent them will have their voice collated and ranked, not split. No more infighting between Democrats, independents, and Greens over who is the “spoiler.”

We can all vote with our hearts. My heart is with Betsy Sweet. She’s got the guts and the experience necessary to be our senator, and has a track record of being there for the people of Maine. Her platform is brave and forward-thinking, advocating for policies good for Mainers and the world. She’s a truth-teller, never controlled by big money or moderated by party bosses. She isn’t playing by the old dirty politics playbook. She’s a real person that we can trust to listen to and represent us.

Join me in ranking Betsy Sweet first on your primary ballot on Tuesday.

Austin Smith


Disturbed by anti-Gideon ad

I was very disturbed to hear a recent ad presented by a national Republican group about Sara Gideon. It implies that she endorsed a member of the state Legislature who had allegedly abused a child. I was really taken aback that she had been accused of this. I am not in favor of anyone that supports child abuse! However, I am an open minded person and before judging her, I got the facts!

The fact is that not only did she not support said person but she actually asked for his resignation as soon as she heard of it. He then resigned. This is not at all what one would believe if they listen to that most negative campaign ad. I seriously feel that Gideon’s opponent will be embarrassed to learn that her own party would create untruths in order to assist her campaign.

I hope Republicans will do as I did and find out the facts before publicizing and confusing constituents who may not have access to the real information. The “fake news” adage comes to mind as I write this.

Bette Hoxie

Old Town

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