A British socialite who allegedly procured underage girls for ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein in the 1990s kept herself well-guarded in her $1 million hideaway in New Hampshire, according to media accounts of court documents unsealed Monday.

Federal investigators who arrested Ghislaine Maxwell in her timber frame home in Bradford, New Hampshire on Thursday allege that she bought the property in cash in December using an nondescriptly named limited liability corporation. There, prosecutors allege, she employed ex-British military as guards, had a telephone wrapped in tinfoil — presumably in a failed effort to thwart law enforcement surveillance — and sent the guards to buy supplies with a credit card she gave them, according to various media accounts.

Prosecutors allege that she changed her email address and registered a new phone number under the name “G Max,” while ordering packages using another person’s name for the shipping label, according to the New York Times.

The descriptions came as part of an effort by prosecutors to keep the 58-year-old citizen of the U.S., the United Kingdom and France behind bars until trial. Prosecutors said that with her money and passports, she could flee and would be well motivated, since she could face a steep prison sentence, the Associated Press reported.

Her attorneys have countered that she’s being made a scapegoat after Epstein killed himself in a Manhattan lockup last August. They said Maxwell denies any allegations of misconduct, has had no contact with Epstein for more than a decade and has never been charged with a crime or found liable in civil litigation stemming from the allegations against him. They said she should be freed on $5 million bail with electronic monitoring.

Bradford residents were surprised to hear that she lived in their town, according to the Boston Globe. Her digs, while lavish, are on a road only partly paved and a 25-minute drive from the nearest supermarket. The 156-acre property has “a fabulous barn for hoedowns, square dances and hay rides,” according to the property site Zillow.

Maxwell is being held in a federal jail in New York City and was due to appear in a bail hearing on Tuesday.