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Stand up for Social Security

Last Friday marked the 85th anniversary of the passing of the Social Security Act, an historic set of protections that has benefitted millions of Americans in our state and across the country. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this anniversary than by ordering my mail-in ballot to elect Joe Biden and vote Trump out of office.

Maine has the oldest population in the country and the highest proportion of residents over the age of 65, tens of thousands of which rely on social security to keep them afloat, protect their health and live a dignified life. Last week, Trump explicitly stated his intent to eliminate the payroll tax, which would cut Social Security funding at its source. Let’s be clear: we need leaders who will protect these critical programs — especially as we face economic hardships in Maine and across the country. The Trump Administration’s war on Social Security is nothing more than another abdication of leadership and senseless pandering at the expense of our working class.

Joe Biden has a plan to protect Social Security and fight for Mainers who rely on it and other essential programs that benefit our communities and support our most vulnerable. I’ll be voting for him to celebrate this anniversary and stand up for my friends and neighbors who need it most.

Carole Boothroyd


Trump and the Postal Service

Why would President Trump have it in for the U.S. Post Office? Because it’s a roundabout way to suppress absentee or mail-in votes, and the more votes that are counted, the more likely it seems he will be defeated. In some states this year, thousands of mailed primary ballots were not delivered or didn’t arrive in time to be counted. The much larger general election could be worse. And what about voters in some states who wait up to five hours to vote because their former polling places have been closed? Absentee voting could help them lots.

I have to admire Trump’s transparency on this issue. First, he suggests withholding money appropriated by Congress for the U.S. Postal Service in the CARES Act. Second, Louis DeJoy, a large Trump donor, is appointed Postmaster General. Third, DeJoy threatens to close rural post offices and curtails overtime pay even when essential work is at stake. These three things could prevent many mailed votes from being counted. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power to create our Post Office. Bravo to Maine’s delegation, who support it!

Meanwhile, to assure that your vote is counted, if you don’t choose to vote in person, pick up your absentee ballot early and deliver it to your town hall before Nov. 3. Don’t let Trump rig the election by disabling one of our most basic institutions — one that is directly mentioned in our Constitution.

Victoria Adams


Gideon and the environment

I met Sara Gideon as a fellow parent of our school-age children. We spoke at their school about our mutual interest in seeing our children participate in fewer video games and more outdoor activities. With her encouragement and partnership, I launched Old Mast Landing Outdoor Club, which engaged kids in outings where we cleared trails, fished, picked up trash along roads, had search and rescue training with dogs, studied the night sky with an astronomer, hauled lobsters traps, and dug clams with local fisherman.

I was impressed on these outings by the ease with which Gideon spoke with clammers about issues like green crabs and their impact on the clammers’ livelihoods, and the insight she brought to her conversations with lobstermen about the impact of warming on the Maine Gulf.

Maine is my home and that of my ancestors going back 10 generations. We have an enormous investment in the ecology of our state and are gravely concerned about the disturbing changes that climate change is bringing about. But we are proud that our town of Freeport has put forward a candidate who can challenge the uninspiring tenure of Susan Collins.

We have witnessed with enthusiasm her commitment to safeguarding the timber and lobster industries, and to protecting the public lands we know so intimately. My family’s long and proud history in Maine has forged a strong connection to the land and the sea, and our endorsement of a senate candidate is deeply personal.

We are confident that she has the skills, drive and determination to have a strong, positive impact on the federal government’s role in protecting Maine’s ecosystems. I look forward to a brighter, safer future for all Mainers with Sara Gideon representing us in the Senate.

Joseph Coleman

Registered Maine Guide