Striker's signs are gathered near Bath Iron Works, Wednesday, July 22, 2020, in Bath. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

The leadership of Bath Iron Works’ largest union asked strikers to stop picketing and take down their signs as members prepare to vote on a new contract this weekend.

In a Facebook post Monday, the leadership of Machinists Local S6 said security and fencing around the BIW shipyard will be removed soon. All offsite facilities also are closed to picketing.

Union members can come to the union hall to ask questions about the upcoming vote. Members who were striking are still required to sign in for two hours to get their full strike check benefit.

“We are continuing to build solidarity, and this is why we are taking this approach,” the Facebook post said.

The union plans to hold a solidarity event on Saturday that union President Robert Martinez and several state and federal legislators are expected to attend.

On Friday the union and BIW agreed on how workers will return to work if a new contract is ratified. The vote on the new contract will be held from Friday through Sunday at noon.