In this July 2019 file photo, a harness horse makes it way around the track at Hollywood Casino Raceway at Bass Park in Bangor. The racetrack opens for the season on Wednesday. Ashley L. Conti | BDN

Harness racing


Wednesday’s Starters, 3 p.m.

FIRST, Pace, $2,700

1. Shanghai Warrior, Da Sumner

2. Dragon Seelster, Ke Switzer Jr

3. Wilson Frost, St Wilson

4. Artzuma, Da Ingraham

5. Reagans Revenge, Br Ranger

6. Its Just Numbers, Wi Campbell

7. Pembroke Newt, Mi Stevenson

8. May Day Jojo, Aa Hall

SECOND, Pace, $3,000

1. Our Royal Majesty, Wa Watson

2. Belly Dancer, Ga Mosher

3. Saratoga Liz, Br Ranger

4. Always Dee One, Ke Switzer Jr

5. Rockin Lisa, He Campbell

6. Miss M A Jones, Wi Campbell

7. Tease Hanover, Ma Athearn

8. Wild Lady Luck, Da Ingraham

THIRD, Pace, $2,700

1. Emma’s Fairytale, Ro Cloutier Jr

2. Yankee Peach, Ke Switzer Jr

3. Final Champion, Aa Hall

4. Esteemed Members, Br Ranger

5. Maddie D, Ga Mosher

6. Gonna Hear Me Rohr, Ma Athearn

7. Downeast Foxy Lady, He Campbell

8. Steuben Iron Lady, Mc Sowers

FOURTH, Pace, $5,000

1. Play It Again Sam, Br Ranger

2. Bo Master, Da Deslandes

3. Velocity Sub Z, Ni Graffam

4. Lincolnjames, Ro Cushing

5. Ten Beaches Later, Ga Mosher

6. Master The View, Ti Hudson

7. Shoreview, Ke Switzer Jr

8. Cool Runnings, Da Ingraham

FIFTH, Pace, $3,500

1. Roddy’s Nor’easter, Ga Mosher

2. Intrepid Hall, He Campbell

3. American Flight, Ke Switzer Jr

4. No Humble Jumble, Wi Campbell

5. Road Untraveled, Da Deslandes

6. Win Sum Reagan, Br Ranger

7. Only Way I Know, Da Ingraham

8. Cr Hotshot, Mi Stevenson

SIXTH, Pace, $4,000

1. Miss Bling, Mc Sowers

2. Carrie Ann, Ru Lanpher III

3. Tip Em Off, Da Deslandes

4. Mischieviousgirls, Wi Campbell

5. The Filly Princess, Ga Mosher

6. She’sallfinn, Br Ranger

7. Color Palette K, Ma Athearn

8. Whatchagonnadoboo, Aa Hall

SEVENTH, Pace, $3,500

1. Backwoods Barbie, Mc Sowers

2. Spiffy Miss, He Campbell

3. Daydreamermistirae, Da Ingraham

4. Rockin Desire, Da Deslandes

5. Pembroke Baroness, Ro Cushing

6. Dont Sweeten It, Br Ranger

7. Studio Session, Ch Nye

8. Stormin Spree, Wi Campbell

EIGHTH, Pace, $3,500

1. Rock Icon, Ma Athearn

2. Waltzking Hanover, Ke Switzer Jr

3. Vitality, Da Deslandes

4. Power Off, Mc Sowers

5. Blacktree, He Campbell

6. Luceman, Wi Campbell

7. Keystone Camaro, Ga Mosher

8. Burkentine Hanover, Br Ranger

NINTH, Pace, $4,000

1. Drunken Terror, Ma Athearn

2. Here We Go Again, Da Deslandes

3. Invictus Hanover, Wi Campbell

4. Drain Daddy, Br Ranger

5. Andy The Manager, Mc Sowers

6. Jin Dandy, Aa Hall

7. Hot Tip, Ga Mosher