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Learning about Lou Rogers

Emily Burnham (“Maine key in struggle for women’s right to vote,” from the Aug. 17 Bangor Daily News) might enjoy getting to know about Annie Lucasta “Lou” Rogers’s artistic contributions to the cause. 

Rogers came from a lumbering and farming family in Patten. She attended and graduated from Patten Academy. She became nationally known for her editorial page cartoons. She is one of the artists featured in Alice Sheppard’s book ” Cartooning for Suffrage” (1994) and listed on Wikipedia.

Through my late first wife, Susanne, I got to know Lou Rogers — a wonderful, lively sprite, full of life and humor. I think Burnham and your readers, and young readers too, would like to learn about Rogers and see some of her cartoons in Alice’s book.

Gary M. Boone

Presque Isle

Lucky to have Dodge

I want to say how lucky we are that we have Jan Dodge willing to run for, hold down and excel in the job of representing Belfast, Waldo and Northport in the Maine Legislature. Not every community has a dedicated, knowledgeable leader like Dodge willing to serve.

I first got to know Jan through her work as a board member of Waldo County TRIAD, a volunteer-run organization that looks out for the safety of our seniors, working with social service agencies and law enforcement. From there I also learned of her work over the decades of teaching in Maine schools, and again her leadership in the Maine Education Association.

A former educator myself, I was impressed by Dodge’s activism on behalf of the dirty secret of many universities, private and public. Despite the high cost of tuition (and resulting student debt), much of actual day-to-day teaching is done by well-qualified, but woefully underpaid “adjunct” faculty.

They often have earned doctorates in their field, but have no job security, they are hired or not, at the last minute, and if you count all the hours of preparation, advising, office hours with students, the rate of pay barely reaches above minimum wage! Truly they teach for the love of it, but still cannot meet their bills.

The Legislature still has much work to do, but Dodge leads the way with LD 1878. Help her continue her work, by voting for Jan Dodge on Nov. 3.

Paul Sheridan


An explanation from Gideon

As a result of federal tax law changes enacted in 2017, Mainers in the middle class have enjoyed a significant reduction in income taxes. Yet the r ecent blitz of advertising by Senate candidate Sara Gideon ( and by other Democratic groups) would lead you to believe exactly the opposite. So, what’s up?

I am a voter who is eager to have a reasoned, factual debate over the experience and capabilities needed for Maine to be effectively represented in the Senate during trying times. Maybe Gideon is that person. But this is Maine. We can be patient with a little spin. But when spin becomes inaccuracy and then blatant distortion, I must ask Gideon for an explanation.

Having paid lots of taxes over the years and stayed conversant in the subtleties of the tax code, I am sure that the Gideon campaign’s assertions are just plain distortions. But if Gideon and her allies cannot provide factual support for these negative ads, then I ask her to come forth with a correction. Better to show Maine voters that you can fix a misstep, then to just move forward having left an incorrect message.

Gideon has raised the stakes enormously with all the money that is being poured into the continuation of this distortion. As much as I want the Democratic candidate to be a viable contender, she needs to show some integrity. If Gideon has erred, she should acknowledge it and fix it.

Mike Giggey