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When will we wake up?

Yes, our country is entrenched in the principle that the majority rules but the minority also has rights. We can choose to not wear a seat belt, but 48 percent of traffic fatalities involve people not wearing one. We can choose to drink and drive, and nearly 30 percent of fatalities involve alcohol. Now in a new pandemic period, we can choose not to wear masks and we are a world leader in the ratio of deaths per 100,000 people.

Experts predict we may have 300,000 covid deaths by year’s end. We ignore the advice to keep groups to a small number, yet 250,000 bikers meet in South Dakota and now to top it all off the Dallas Cowboys announced that not only will they play football, but they will also allow fans in the stands. Lord knows how many will follow the distancing guidelines.

Schools are opening only to shut down a few days later after crowded hallways with virtually no masks being worn.

When will America wake up and once again be a world leader ? Let’s hope “stupid is as stupid does” won’t apply to the coming election.

Roger Martin


Uhlenhake will take a stand

Thousands of Mainers are out of work and struggling with paying bills, buying groceries, and trying to stay in their homes. Those who are fortunate to have employment are hard at work, getting our state running safely again. And where is District 8 Sen. Kim Rosen in this?

It’s unclear, but what is clear is that she and others in her party either refused to vote or voted against returning to session multiple times. There are many crucial issues that need to be addressed by our state Legislature, especially money for PPE for schools, and allocation of funds from the CARES Act. Yet Sen. Rosen hasn’t demonstrated a commitment to get this work done.

Many in her district are feeling forgotten and anxious that the Legislature is not back in session. We don’t understand where our leaders are and what they are doing, as it seems they are not doing the job they were hired to do. We can fire them by making sure they do not get re-elected.

We will be casting our votes for someone who is willing to take a stand and work hard for the people in Senate District 8: Bev Uhlenhake. She has a strong record of service to the community in Brewer and it’s time that she take her skills to Augusta. We need someone from our district who will bring fresh ideas and an energetic commitment to lead us through this difficult and unprecedented time in history. That person is Uhlenhake.

Sylvia and Becky Tapley


Curry will get us there

When the Belfast YMCA first opened its doors, I met Chip Curry because we volunteered there. Over the past 20 years Curry has been my neighbor down the street, a teacher colleague and a volunteer on many efforts in our town. I admire him. Curry is a citizen who puts a lot of time into building our community. Curry has always worked with young people, helping them in academic and job preparation.

I see him pitching in for multiple school districts, the YMCA, at public meetings, and now he is willing to go fight for working people in Augusta. Waldo County needs a strong economic base so our young people have a way to stay here and work. I see Curry supporting innovative industry, like technology and manufacturing, clean aquaculture and renewable energy. We need to have property tax relief because the lack of state and national contribution to our schools is putting all the cost of schools on the backs of moderate income homeowners.

I appreciate Curry’s open communication style because in these partisan times he keeps an open mind and thinks locally. We need our state government to work together to make sure that Waldo County people have jobs, affordable health care, a thriving environment and a sense of cooperation in order to solve our problems. Chip Curry will help us get there.

Martha Conway-Cole