In this July 2019 file photo, a harness horse makes it way around the track at Hollywood Casino Raceway at Bass Park in Bangor. Ashley L. Conti | BDN


Sunday’s Starters, 3 p.m.

FIRST, Pace, $4,000

1. Spy In The Camp, Da Ingraham

2. Meetmeatthedance, Br Ranger

3. Gold Star Spider, He Campbell

4. A F F Bigdaddy, Ro Cushing

5. Zampara, Ni Graffam

6. Electrify, Ke Switzer Jr

SECOND, Pace, $3,000

1. Sandinista, Mc Sowers

2. American Fighter, Wi Campbell

3. Golden Tree, Ke Switzer Jr

4. Waltzacrossthewire, He Campbell

5. Rambling Jet, Ni Graffam

6. Rockin Rumble, Da Ingraham

7. Bettoriffic, Ma Athearn

8. Vitality, Da Deslandes

THIRD, Pace, $3,600

1. Fox Valley Cupid, Wi Campbell

2. Roddy’s Nor’easter, Ga Mosher

3. Cyclone Pass, Ni Graffam

4. Lucky Michael, St Wilson

5. Bet On Success, Br Ranger

6. American Flight, Ke Switzer Jr

7. Pembroke Scorpio, He Campbell

8. Rocnrolwilneverdie, Da Deslandes

FOURTH, Pace, $3,300

1. Here We Go Again, He Campbell

2. Natural Breeze, Aa Hall

3. Dansan Carruso, Da Deslandes

4. String Busters, Ni Graffam

5. Waltzking Hanover, Ke Switzer Jr

6. Ugottobinittowinit, Da Ingraham

7. Brett Mcfavrelous, Ga Mosher

8. Only Way I Know, Ma Athearn

FIFTH, Pace, $3,700

1. Humor Me, Ke Switzer Jr

2. Miss Bling, Mc Sowers

3. Mischieviousgirls, Wi Campbell

4. Whatchagonnadoboo, Ga Mosher

5. Dont Sweeten It, Br Ranger

6. She’sallfinn, He Campbell

7. We’re Gonna Rock, Da Ingraham

SIXTH, Pace, $3,600

1. Andy The Manager, Mc Sowers

2. Drunken Terror, Ma Athearn

3. Safety Second, Ke Switzer Jr

4. Pembroke Pharoah, He Campbell

5. Joey The Third, Da Ingraham

6. Nowhining Bluechip, Br Ranger

7. Cool Runnings, Wi Campbell

8. Hot Tip, Ga Mosher

SEVENTH, Trot, $3,300

1. Trotalot, Ma Athearn

2. Abc Crown Me Queen, Mc Sowers

3. Sierra Madera, Ga Mosher

4. Maine Muscle, Br Ranger

5. Moon Dance, Ke Switzer Jr

6. Affluent, Ke Lantz

7. Beer League, Da Deslandes

8. Lakenledge Ikossi, Wi Campbell

EIGHTH, Pace, $5,000

1. Real Special, Wi Campbell

2. Plus One, He Campbell

3. Play It Again Sam, Ni Graffam

4. Riproy, Br Ranger

5. Simply Susational N, Ro Cushing

6. Biggie, Ga Mosher

7. Arsenal, Da Ingraham

NINTH, Pace, $3,300

1. Keemosabe, Ke Switzer Jr

2. No Humble Jumble, Ga Mosher

3. Kreacher, Br Ranger

4. Village Beat, Da Deslandes

5. Gotta Laugh Again, Wi Campbell

6. Avogadro Hanover, Mc Sowers

7. Blacktree, He Campbell