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Bev Uhlenhake’s leadership 

I am supporting Bev Uhlenhake this November because she has the background and knowledge to represent our area and our state. We need someone who understands the current challenges that Maine is facing, such as the need for health care accessibility for all people, funding to improve the roads and bridges, adequate funding for schools and an ability to work across the aisle to solve such issues as the growing opioid crisis and the aging population, just to name a few challenges we are facing.

Uhlenhake has had leadership experience and been involved in the community for many years. She has fresh ideas and is running a clean campaign, funded by the people she represents, not large businesses and corporations. She knows how to get things done and is dedicated to doing the hard work that is necessary to make life better for all of us. She listens to what people have to say with an open mind and understands what it means to earn a living and support a family.

I encourage everyone to make sure to get out and vote. Vote absentee ballot, mail-in ballot or in person. Every vote counts!

Liz Huggins


Don’t let fear and racism tear us apart 

I am so very tired of the carnage and hatred that has become prevalent in our country. I do not understand how peaceful demonstrations can turn into pillage, plunder, burn and steal. My greatest confusion lies in how the hatred and outright lawlessness is condoned and propagated by our elected officials, both local and federal.

When did we as a society turn away from normalcy and sanity? Have we as a country decided that we need to be a third-world nation and tear our beautiful society to the ground? People, let us call a timeout and assess our priorities. 

I served 20 years in the military beside brothers and sisters of all cultures and religions. We all wore the color green, and from my standpoint, that is what I saw. Did we all have the same mind? No, but we all had the same objective: a free and peaceful nation and ultimately the welfare of our world. 

I served through periods of racism in the 1960s, which were a struggle, but through tolerance and understanding, a bond was established and a common ground was found. Much the same needs to be accomplished today more than ever before. 

We have the opportunity to be the greatest country on earth, a representative democracy that is truly by the people, for the people and of the people. Let’s not let fear, hate and ugly racism tear us down. People should stand up, and if they demonstrate, they should please do it peacefully.

Wayne LeVasseur


Support homecare workers 

In-home care workers are often paid minimum wage in Maine; yet Maine has the largest elderly population per capita of any state in the country, the major demographic who use in-home care.

I knocked on doors for a 2018 referendum about home care where I met many of Maine’s seniors face to face (which seems odd now in the age of coronavirus) and saw just how bipartisan this issue was to Mainers who lived it and had had family members lose their lifelong homes to nursing home fees that they wouldn’t have needed to pay if Maine didn’t struggle to provide home care. I also witnessed the nursing home lobby and hospitals of Maine shoot down this referendum with more than a million dollars of funding, undermining increased wages for caregivers, family caregivers getting compensated through tax credits and many other measures to improve home care, for their own profits, with the “stop the scam” campaign. 

Now more than ever, with seniors rightfully scared of crowded nursing homes during pandemic times, we need to support family caregivers by valuing the work they do and its importance to Mainers. LD 1919 would provide a tax credit for family caregivers who are already working to keep their loved ones healthy despite the shortage of in-home caregivers, and should be voted on when the Legislature comes back to session.

Sylvia Jackson

Old Town