BAR HARBOR — Join Tate Bushell, natural lands director for MDI’s Land & Garden Preserve, to learn how to manage wild spaces in your landscape. Bushell will speak on Zoom at 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17, hosted by the Beatrix Farrand Society of Bar Harbor.

The cost of this program is $10 for Beatrix Farrand Society members and $20 for nonmembers. Pre-registration for Zoom participation is required; you can purchase online tickets at .

For his topic “Managing Wild Spaces” Bushell will draw on his experience at Little Long Pond, which the late David Rockefeller gifted to the Land & Garden Preserve in 2015. Bushell actively works to restore balance in the site’s ecology while accommodating visitors who frequent the site to exercise their dogs. He bases his work on solid principles of natural areas management, including recycling organic material onsite, accommodating local wildlife, identifying and balancing stressors that work against progress toward goals, using native plants and plant communities, and placing plants in appropriate sites where they can thrive. These principles guide the management of large “wild spaces” like Little Long Pond, and can also be applied to small areas of private landscapes where humans, plants and wildlife can coexist.

Bushell has worked in the conservation field for 10 years, and has led a variety of ecological restoration, land protection and public education projects. At Little Long Pond Preserve, his management objectives are to protect the Preserve’s natural resources, and provide a venue for deep connection with nature.You can learn more about the Beatrix Farrand Society, its summer events, Open Days and newsletter at