07/05/20 Wildbeth Wiggin-Falcon and Joel Wiggin of Searsport, a son, Milo Ruben 

07/06/20 Lindsey Lewis and Dean Barrett of Addison, a daughter, Amaya Paige 

07/08/2020 Kelli and Trevor Casey of Ellsworth, a daughter, Piper Lee 

07/24/2020 Rachelle and Gavin Endre of Lamoine, a son, Jameson Riley 

8/4/20 Danielle Powers and Jacob Hardy of Deer Isle, a daughter, Jenna Anne 

8/6/20 Cassandra and Benjamin McVay of Franklin, a boy, Grayson Cole 

8/7/20 Autumn and Jameson McAlpine of Hancock, a boy Parker Lewis 

8/10/20 Haley and Justin Thomas Hall of Blue Hill, a son, Theodore David 

8/12/20 Adrianne and Tyler Glick of Milbridge, a son, Christopher Jared 

8/12/20 Elena Gonzalo-Gil and Gerardo Perea-Garcia of Ellsworth, a son, Daniel Perea-Gonzalo 

8/13/20 Jennifer and Matthew La Haye of Southwest Harbor, a boy, Winston Cole 

8/14/20 Amber and Sean Peters of Bucksport, a daughter, Piper Elizabeth 

8/14/20 Jenny and Masi Ngidi-Brown of Blue Hill, a daughter, Nandi May 

8/17/20 Jillian Gilley and Taylor Cleaves of Tremont, a son, Niko O’Neil 

8/23/20 Logan Eaton and Kevin Melanio of Deer Isle, a son, Maddox James 

8/26/20 Brooklyn Fowler and Danny Goodrich of Ellsworth, a son, Danny Earl 

8/28/20 Nichole and Benjamin Woodward of Bucksport, a daughter, Lyla Jo 

8/30/20 Paige Farren and Clayton Mutty of Addison, a daughter, Olivia Kennedy