Officers outside standoff situation near Presque Isle's McDonald's on Friday, Sept. 4. Credit: David Marino Jr. | BDN

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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — A man involved in a domestic violence case who caused a standoff on Presque Isle’s Main Street earlier in the month is being held without bail after his initial court appearance.

Corey Alexander, 42, of Bowdoinham faces seven charges and up to 23 years in prison after allegedly threatening officers with a knife as they tried to apprehend him for entering his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in violation of bail conditions.

Alexander’s actions resulted in an eight-hour standoff that ended with the Maine State Police Tactical Team arresting him without incident. Alexander’s initial court appearance was on Sept. 8, at Maine District Court in Presque Isle, where bail was denied. His arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 16.

The standoff was one of the most high-profile police incidents in Presque Isle’s recent history.

Alexander’s ex-girlfriend walked into the Presque Isle Police Department headquarters at 1:13 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 4, to report that Alexander had allegedly been sending her harassing text messages and frequently calling her, according to court records. Alexander had been charged with domestic violence terrorizing on Aug. 20, before being let out on bail.

Alexander had allegedly texted the victim 373 times and called her 115 times since mid-August, violating his bail conditions, according to court records. Several of the messages were threatening, including Alexander allegedly telling his victim that “someone is going to end up getting hurt when I get up there,” referring to the woman’s apartment.

Alexander also allegedly said he had violated his bail conditions and implied that he was prepared to die if the police tried to stop him from entering the woman’s apartment.

“If the cops are called, I will have a weapon on me too,” Alexander allegedly wrote in a text. “So, I am going to look good in a body bag.”

Earlier that day, Alexander had sent the ex-girlfriend several messages indicating he would be at her apartment that day. The victim — who works in the St. John Valley — said a neighbor told her that Alexander entered her apartment while she was at work. She gave police the key to the apartment and asked them to check inside before she went home.

At 1:49 p.m., five officers from Presque Isle Police went to the woman’s apartment on South Street. Three officers approached the door, while two stayed behind.

As officers unlocked the door, Alexander began yelling on the other side of the doorway. When police moved back, Alexander allegedly displayed a large knife through the window, and “made it clear” he wasn’t coming out, according to a report from a Presque Isle Police officer. Another officer said that Alexander allegedly yelled for the officers to shoot him.

Presque Isle Police evacuated nearby streets and businesses, including McDonald’s and Kelley’s Laundromat. Nearby sections of Main Street were at a standstill.

A Presque Isle Police officer spoke to Alexander over the phone at some point during the standoff. Alexander requested to speak to the victim and allegedly told police that he would kill himself or attempt to force police to kill him if officers entered the apartment.

The Maine State Political Tactical Team took over a few hours into the standoff, and Alexander surrendered without incident around 9:13 p.m.

Alexander was transported to Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital to be medically cleared for incarceration. He allegedly became increasingly agitated there, kicking at bedding and threatening officers. He relaxed after being given undisclosed medication by medical staff and remained quiet during the ride to Aroostook County Jail in Houlton, police said.

Two items have been placed into evidence according to court documents: a white and silver fixed-blade knife and a black and silver kitchen knife, both owned by Alexander. While the victim had told police Alexander owned a shotgun, it was not found at the scene, court records show.

Alexander faces up to 23 years in prison if convicted, though actual time served rarely meets sentencing maximums. Three of the charges are felonies: burglary, violation of conditions of release and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. Four are misdemeanors: refusal to submit to arrest, a second violating conditions of release charge, causing a police standoff and domestic violence terrorizing.

Alexander is being held at Aroostook County Jail in Houlton without bail. His attorney is Jeffrey Pickering of Houlton.

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