BANGOR — The City of Bangor has offered the position of director of water quality management to Amanda Smith, following an extensive job search. Smith has served as acting director of water quality management since Sept. 13, 2019, and as assistant director of water quality since July 9, 2018. She has worked for the City of Bangor since 2015. Smith’s appointment is scheduled to be approved by Bangor City Council at its regular meeting on Oct. 14.

As director of water quality management, Smith will supervise the daily operations and personnel at the wastewater treatment plant and sewer. Smith is responsible for the planning, directing, and oversight of the sewer Department. She will work closely with the city manager, city council, department and division heads, city employees and the public, as well as state, county and local officials.

The City of Bangor’s Sewer Fund provides a safe and economical means for the conveyance and treatment of residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater, protecting the quality of the surface waters of the City, the state of Maine and beyond. The City is responsible for maintaining the sewer system that brings wastewater to the treatment plant. This includes periodic inspection, cleaning, and repair of the system to ensure that wastewater moves freely and blockages are avoided. The wastewater treatment plant is a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes the latest in today’s treatment technologies to ensure that water discharged to the Penobscot River meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements.

 Smith will replace Andy Rudzinski, who served the City’s wastewater treatment plant since 1992.