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A vote for decency

I’m a Catholic Republican who is deeply disheartened by what President Donald Trump is doing to the moral fabric of this country. He promotes and thrives on hatred, division and ridicule. He fuels the flames of violence with his rhetoric and aligns himself with white supremacists and vigilante groups. He behaves like a dictator of an authoritarian regime.

Despite all this, he has won the support of some fellow Christians simply by claiming to oppose abortion. No one knows whether down deep he cares about that at all. He certainly has not demonstrated a respect for human life in his handling of the COVID pandemic, and continues to brazenly put others at risk.

He has watched millions suffer and thousands die from natural disasters and only last month finally approved aid for Puerto Rico’s hurricane victims, three years later, after it appeared it might help him get a few more votes. His immigration policies and detention centers have separated families, destroyed lives, abandoned children and have been accused of sterilizing women without their consent.

He rolled back more than 100 environmental laws, including clean air and water acts, and denied the science of climate change. Humans of all ages, born and unborn, are dying as a result. What will he do when he no longer needs your vote? Will we have a voice at all?

He has clearly shown he is unpredictable and more than willing to be unlawful and immoral. Please, reclaim our morality, decency and democracy and go vote for Joe Biden.

Bill Deighan


Send Supica to the State House

I am writing to show my support for Laura Supica for Maine State House District 126. Councilor Supica has proved her dedication to Maine with her work these past three years on Bangor City Council. Her background as a long-time worker in the service industry gives her a unique point of view that is so needed in politics.

Anyone who speaks with her can see that her heart is full of love for Bangor, for Maine, and for its citizens. Supica is passionate about vital issues such as affordable housing, public transportation and human rights and is never afraid to speak out on these or other issues. I am honored to benefit from the work she does for our community and will be proud to call her Representative Supica.

Summer Allen


Collins and conservation

This week, the League of Conservation Voters from Washington, D.C., announced an $800,000 buy of ads and mailings to defeat Sen. Susan Collins. This is an example of how feckless and partisan national environmental groups are today.

I moved to Maine from Washington, D.C. in June, 1996 and have worked on many conservation projects during my tenure here, including adding 1.2 million acres to Maine’s land conservation portfolio, which represents a third of our state’s preserved lands. During her time as a senator I have watched Collins exert leadership and support for the widest array of conservation and environmental initiatives of any senator in Maine history.

I have worked with the senator personally — she is the hardest working member of that illustrious body — and with dozens of her accomplished staff members. Collins has one of the best voting records in the Senate on environmental issues, and she is widely acknowledged as one of the most bipartisan members of her chamber.

If Republicans manage to hold the Senate and Maine voters reelect Collins, she is in line to chair the Senate Appropriations Committee. Only an outside organization as brazenly partisan as LCV would oppose Collins and the interests of Maine citizens from York to Aroostook. We need Collins to help our small businesses and largely rural economy recover from the blows COVID has dealt.

As people vote, they should think of Maine, not Washington outsiders, and keep Susan Collins working for Mainers.

Amos S. Eno


Land Conservation Assistance Network

South Freeport

MacLellan-Ruf ready to serve again

It is a privilege to write this letter in support of the election of Louise MacLellan-Ruf to the Rockland City Council. As residents of Rockland and neighbors of MacLellan-Ruf for more than 10 years, we have had a close look at her as a former council member, former mayor and chair of the Harbor Commission. She has always been a dedicated public servant. She is energetic, passionate, determined and selfless in her concern for the welfare of the citizens of Rockland. She is talented and intelligent — she has the ability to listen to the views of others and to come up with mutually acceptable solutions to problems — always with Rockland and its citizens uppermost in her mind.

Anyone who has walked, jogged, or pushed a baby stroller along the Harbor Trail has MacLellan-Ruf to thank. It was her persistence which has made the trail possible and turned it into a reality. She has been an important voice in guiding the city with respect to many issues, for example, cruise ships, the Lindsey Bridge, Sandy Beach Park, snow dumping and coastal clean ups.

Rockland will be well served by electing Louise MacLellan-Ruf to the city council. She has the experience and vision to be an extremely effective member of the city council again. Thank goodness committed citizens like her are willing to serve as our public officials.

Ed and Laura Waller


Disturbing story in Rockland

The recent BDN article about Rockland officials killing innocent animals is a very disturbing story about two cops who took an oath to uphold the law. It appears they enjoyed doing this cruel thing and posted pictures of it.

How long has this been going on and how many other animals were tortured and eventually killed?

I hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

It has been found that people who torture and kill animals often will start doing the same to people.

I can only hope and pray that they will be thoroughly investigated so no other animal will go through such a painful and unnecessary death.

Katheryn Larsen