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Keep Carpenter in the Senate

Aroostook and Northern Penobscot residents have the good fortune to be represented by Michael Carpenter in the Maine Senate. He treats all people with respect, dignity and kindness.

He grew up on an Aroostook County farm, served his country with honor in combat infantry during the Vietnam War and returned home to serve in the legislature. Carpenter went on to become State Attorney General, manage his own law practice, and run a successful small business.

Carpenter knows what it is like to work hard that is why he has pursued policies to help small businesses, provide access to health care and strengthen our communities. He wrote a bill to provide job training and health benefits for veterans, helped obtain a grant for a Caribou veterans group and worked for judicial reform. Concerned about the loss of young people from Northern Maine, he is working with local groups and the legislature to provide incentives and good paying jobs.

Carpenter has said, “My state and the country have been very good to me. I feel the need to give back.” I urge voters to send Mike Carpenter back to the Maine Senate.

John L. Clark


Enough with the misinformation

Readers like me are tired of the many negative comments and accusations made against Sen. Susan Collins, who has represented us wisely and well for decades. We do not believe the conjectures and accusations so recklessly made against her because the people of Maine have witnessed on a daily basis what Collins has done to help us.

In the current political climate, I think what we are experiencing is projection, in which the opposition party is accusing Republicans of every underhanded machination that they, in the opposition party, are committing. We can see right through these tactics and the deceitful manner in which the opposition repeatedly attempts to smear Collins.

That’s enough of the misrepresentations and lies! Be truthful or be quiet.

Anne Marie V. Quin


Biden sets a better example

Parents should vote Joe Biden for the youth of America. Of the many reasons not to vote Donald Trump for president, one is for the wellbeing of our youth and the future of their country.

People should stop and think: if their child was 8-years-old when Trump was elected president and if he is reelected, their child will be 16-years-old when his second term is over. That one-half of their child’s life, arguably the most important formative eight years of it, will have been under the leadership of a person exhibiting the personal and national values, or lack thereof, of Donald Trump.

Children need a better example and I’m just referring to his conduct during the presidential television debate. Our country must have better leadership based upon honorable values for the good of us all, especially our youth, our future leaders.

As a lifelong Republican of almost three score years, I will, only for the second time, vote for a Democrat for any office. The other one eventually turned Republican on the local level!

Consider the future of the youth of America and vote for Biden.

Richard L. Rhoda


Torbett for county commissioner

Why am I supporting Andy Torbett for Piscataquis County Commissioner? There are many reasons. One reason, he’s very well educated in the activities of government and how business is supposed to run. His experience validates this. He was a school board member for SAD 41. And he’s worked with Augusta on behalf of his community.

I believe Torbett, with all his experience in governmental affairs, would make an excellent county commissioner. He’s been attending our Piscataquis County commission meetings and shows great interest in how they’re run. At the end of each meeting he stays on a bit in order to ask the commissioners their feelings on certain subjects and why they feel that way. If he were elected he could jump right into the commission meetings as an educated member, representing his constituents right away.

Voters have an opportunity to elect an individual who is ready and willing to go to work for them from day one. A vote for Andy Torbett will seal the deal.

Jim Annis


Zeigler goes to bat for workers

A vote for Rep. S. Paige Zeigler for Maine House District 96 on Nov. 3 ensures that the hard-working people of Maine continue to have a voice in Augusta. As a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, I value Zeigler’s support of labor unions and commitment to generating additional education pathways for those interested in the trades.

Zeigler has fought for work policies such as living wages and paid time off; such policies are more crucial than ever for both individual well-being and the health of our communities in the midst of this global pandemic. Anyone who lives in the towns of Belmont, Liberty, Lincolnville, Montville, Morrill, Palermo or Searsmont and wants someone in office who goes to bat for workers should please vote for Zeigler.

Chris Dunlop


Barrett’s judgment

Setting a good example should be the first priority of our government officials. On this topic, we have seen numerous photos of Judge Amy Coney Barrett with her family at the White House without wearing masks and maintaining distance. She is following the example of the president and many Republicans. Not respecting state, agency or health official COVID-19 guidelines or requirements has become a political statement by many Republicans.

During the debate week, we saw the results of these close encounters, disregard for health and safety, and supremely bad examples at the White House with COVID-19 spreading rapidly. Judge Barrett was in the middle of these mask-less, careless nationally broadcast encounters.

I believe Barrett is setting a bad example, compromising the U.S. Supreme Court’s stature and independence. She is tacitly participating in a political statement, disregarding health experts and adopted CDC guidelines, participating in unsafe practices with those who have openly violated the COVID-19 rules and regulations of states and event venues, exhibiting no serious extension of her “pro life” positions to the health of her children or others.

Perhaps she is too young to know what she is doing or their implications. This poor example should be brought to her attention so that she knows she is being careless and too prone to politics over good judgment.

David Souers