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A fighting chance with Golden

I first met Rep. Jared Golden when I ran against him in the primary for the Second Congressional District two years ago. I am glad he won the general election and it is critical that he continues to hold this seat. The only chance we have to move forward on effective climate legislation, economic equity, and social justice, is to have the Democrats control the House and key committee chair positions.

The current political process is flawed, but by sending Golden back to Washington we will have a legislator who listens to the working people of Maine. We need leaders that understand the real threats we face as a community, not just what threatens the bloated profits of the multinational corporations that hold influence over our democratic process.

Please join me in voting for Jared Golden so we have a fighting chance.

Jonathan Fulford


Gideon and the judiciary

Our senatorial race is garnering national attention. Millions of dollars are flowing into both major campaigns. Why?

In this, perhaps the most important election of our lifetime, the outcome of Maine’s senatorial race can have major effects on how our nation will be governed and on the issues the government prioritizes. One issue being attended to above all else these days is the confirmation of federal judges.

The judiciary is supposed to be independent, charged with protecting and upholding the law. Let’s consider the candidates positions regarding the judiciary.

In a recent senate debate, Sara Gideon emphasized that judges must be qualified, have a temperament suited to their position, and respect precedent. She described the need to be qualified as a “low bar.”

Susan Collins voted to confirm judicial nominees 95 percent of the time. In the past, she voted to confirm Barack Obama’s appointees.

But times have changed. Unqualified candidates are being confirmed, weakening the judicial branch. Collins has continued her pattern of voting “yes” even if the candidate is rated “unqualified” by the American Bar Association. She hasn’t evolved with changing times.

She voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, an anti-abortion nominee, as a federal circuit judge in 2017. And she voted for Brett Kavanaugh, who exhibited a questionable temperament at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Collins shows me that she is no longer upholding the judicial branch. For this reason, I will be voting for Gideon for Senate. Please join me!

Deborah Capwell


Pietroski for District 81

Winthrop, Readfield, and North Monmouth friends, join me in electing a House candidate with experience and knowledge of the issues facing our District 81 and state. That person is Joe Pietroski. How many candidates can say that they have spent over 13 consecutive years on their school board working to provide the best education for our students, and the best working conditions for the school staff?

Our legislative district has three top-rated schools: Winthrop, Maranacook, and Monmouth. Our school systems deserve the best representation in Augusta. A former WHS teacher, parent of 6 children who graduated from Winthrop and Monmouth, an active supporter of students and their instructors, and a committed education supporter, Pietroski deserves our support at the polls. In Augusta, we need legislators to advocate that the state adequately funds education, and that local property taxes do not go up because the state has failed its duty. Experience matters.

Scott Eldridge


NBC town hall

I have two observations about the recent NBC Town Hall meeting. Our president said he could not recall when he last tested negative for the coronavirus before the first debate with Joe Biden. That is not a credible answer. The president has a team of doctors that note every permutation of his health.

In another exchange, the president insisted he did not know about QAnon, even though he went on to give an affirming shout out to the group. As commander and chief, I assume the president gets briefed at the White House. His apparent lack of knowledge about this movement is simply not credible.

The QAnon exchange was eerily similar to a response during the first debate when asked about the Proud Boys. Our president disavowed knowing anything about them, but went on to address the group with the now famous, “Stand back and stand by!”

George Mason


A tale of two headlines

From the Bangor Daily News front page Oct. 19, 2020: “Official: No ‘magic bullet’ to solve Bangor’s surging homeless situation” and “Ad dollars in US Senate race overwhelming.”

What would we be able to do to solve community problems if half of the “overwhelming” dollars in the Senate race went to solving problems of homelessness, addiction, mental illness? What does this say about what we value?

Kay Carter


Collins’ service

Congress, in at least one respect, functions like business, the professions and trades: you are not granted responsibility, trust, influence and authority until you have experience and have served in the trenches. Sen. Susan Collins has done all of that and more.

She has served the people of Maine faithfully while remaining true to her dirty-fingernails heritage and conservative beliefs. One of the results of gaining such seniority is to influence the flow of money from federal coffers to the state. To replace her with a new, junior senator will result in a lessened ability to influence that flow.

I support Collins fully, even though I disagree with one of her recent decisions. I encourage everyone in Maine to also do so.

Harold Shaw


Accept Savage’s invitation

Howard Zinn, the historian Donald Trump loves to hate, once said that “The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.”

The Lisa Savage campaign for U.S. Senate, in a ranked-choice voting election, is an invitation to each of us to use our vote to say there is no one in this country who should live without health care, we’ve had enough of endless wars and the climate crisis demands creative solutions now.

Savage invites us to defy the corporate agenda and vote our conscience. Can we envision that another world is possible? Accept Savage’s invitation to take a step toward that vision. Vote Lisa Savage number 1.

Mary Beth Sullivan


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