A fox carries a dog toy through the woods in this trail cam image. Credit: Courtesy of Al from Northern Aroostook County

As we continue to share the trail camera photos and videos that BDN readers are sending in, submissions continue to amaze me and make me chuckle.

Today’s contribution, from Al in northern Aroostook County, does both, and is a true original. Click on the closeup shot of the fox and you’ll see that the playful critter is tromping through the forest with a dog toy clamped in its mouth.

A closeup of a fox carrying a dog toy. Courtesy of Al in Northern Aroostook County

As I mentioned earlier this week, one of the tricks of the trail cam biz is learning to set your camera so that the time and date stamp is accurate. In this case, I’d wager a guess that the camera might not be set properly. Unless, that is, Aroostook County had an abnormally mild winter back in 2011, and there were green ferns growing in the woods on January 25.

Another possible explanation: The camera may not have been set up in Maine at all.

Either way, I’ll bet the photo depicts something you’ve not seen while wandering through the Maine woods.

And either way, one thing is clear: Somewhere, there is (or was) a sad pooch, wondering where its favorite chew toy disappeared to.

If you’ve been paying really close attention, let me point out that this Al (from northern Aroostook County) is a different contributor from the Al (from Aroostook County) who sent in the photo of the lounging bears we featured earlier this week.

Thanks to both for pitching in on this fun project. And here’s hoping many more of you do the same.

Do you have a trail camera photo or video to share? Send it to jholyoke@bangordailynews.com and tell us “I consent to the BDN using my photo.” In order to prevent neighbors from stopping by to try to tag particularly large bucks, moose or bears, some identities and towns of origin may be omitted.

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