Unsafe gathering under the apple trees

I would have preferred that the owners and management at Treworgy Family Orchards had opted out of holding a large gathering at their orchard last Sunday. There were simply too many people too close together and too few of them wearing protective face masks. Not only did the event violate state coronavirus guidelines and rules for gatherings but it was quite imprudent to hold such an event at a time when coronavirus cases in Maine and Penobscot County are on the rise.

I understand folks like to meet and greet a celebrity but this is certainly not the time to hold such events, and it was a little too close to home for me. The people who hosted the event and the celebrity in question ought to know better. I realize that Treworgy has since stated they regret that it drew such a large and unmasked crowd, and I hope that this experience is something other people consider when thinking about holding events.

Floyd Miller


Roadside rescue

On Oct. 12 I had just closed up my summer home for the winter. I was on my way home to Portland. I was on I-95 south bound. I was about a mile or so from the Colebrook Road exit.

A fire started under the hood of my car. I pulled over and my husband and I got out of the vehicle. A state trooper just happened to see it and pulled up behind us. He tried to put out the fire. Our car was fully engulfed in flames.

Then from out of nowhere six or seven gentlemen came and started pulling all of our stuff from the car. They unattached our small trailer and pushed it out of the way.

They saved all of our belongings in it, which I thought was going up in flames. I didn’t get a chance to thank them or officer Barry Meserve. They were all awesome to risk their lives to save my things. We thought the car was going to blow up as the fire was so intense.

I thank them all for making this scary moment into one that makes me feel so blessed. No one got hurt and miracles do happen.

I also want to thank AAA for towing our trailer and belongings back to Winterport. Thank you to our great new neighbors in Winterport for taking care of us and giving us dinner.

Christy Lockhart


Building a healthy nation

Affordable health care continues to be a problem for many in the United States. A common and greatly unfair myth is that those without health care plans must not have them because they are lazy, are not working hard enough to afford health care or lack the initiative to seek out a job that would provide a health care plan.

These individuals and families are our friends; relatives and neighbors and are often working darn hard. The cost of health care is beyond their reach. For some of them, when they can afford a plan, it has such high deductibles that they often either do not get reimbursed for treatment or medications. Or when they do, it does not begin to compare to the actual costs they find themselves billed for.

I have lived in a country where nobody goes without access to affordable health care. The current system in the U.S. is not working. It has never worked.

Another myth is that, to invest in a public health care plan for all, would put us at “risk” of becoming a “socialist” country. The U.S. is a capitalist country but already incorporates social programs, such as a public school system that ensures all children receive a basic education. I have not had a child but my taxes go towards educating others’. I am also willing for my taxes to go towards health care access for all.

It’s what builds a healthy nation.

Nyree Thomas


Election notice

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