A woman shovels snow outside the storefronts along Exchange Street just before 8 a.m. Nov. 3. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN

The first snowstorm of the season for most of Maine will be followed by some unusual, possibly record-setting warm weather later this week, National Weather Service meteorologists said.

Tracking west to east across southern Canada and hundreds of miles wide, the Election Day storm dropped about 3 inches of snow on Greater Bangor and about half an inch at most in Lincoln and southern Aroostook County. Likely the heaviest concentration of snow, about 5.5 inches, hit Hancock County’s Prospect Harbor. Less than that fell on Washington County and Down East Maine before the storm disappeared into the Bay of Fundy and the Canadian Maritimes early Tuesday, said Patrick Maloit, a meteorologist from the weather service office in Caribou.

Snow covers the statues of Hannibal Hamlin and a cannon in downtown Bangor on Nov. 3. Credit: Natalie Williams / BDN

The storm serves Mainers best as a gentle omen of what lies ahead, Maloit said.

“Let the first snowstorm of the season remind you that you need snow tires and to winterize your house,” Maloit said.

Areas north of Portland, particularly along the coast, got at most a dusting of snow, said Michael Clair, a meteorologist with the weather service’s office in Gray, while northern Aroostook County and Portland got little to nothing.

Most heavy snowstorms that hit Maine travel in directions opposite from this storm – southwest to northeast up from Portland or the sea east of it or northeast to southwest down from Canada and the Arctic Circle. They leave more snow farther north than south, Maloit said.

What traces of snow that are left now will not last onto Thursday. Temperatures will drop into the 20s on Tuesday night before rising to high temperatures in the 40s on Wednesday. That upward trend will continue into the weekend, with highs in the lower 50s on Thursday and upper 50s on Friday. The weekend might be record-setting, with a chance of highs in the low 60s and little wind, perfect weather for one last dalliance with fall before winter truly arrives, Maloit said.

It will also be mostly sunny through the rest of the week, Clair said.

“This is the warm push before winter really sets in. For those who aren’t snow lovers, these are going to be the best weather days we are going to get in these parts for a while,” Maloit said. “We will take it because we know what’s coming at the end of the month.”

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