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Ninja warriors for democracy

Wouldn’t it be nice if the leaders of America could debate and treat each other with respect like the American Ninja Warriors do, even if they lose or win? Watching their finals recently touched my heart with hope for America.

This is what We The People desire for our country and our politicians. When it takes millions of dollars just to run for president of America, Congress, or the Senate our country has lost its freedom. No poor intelligent person could ever be president in America. We are so divided in America, what will the outcome be for our freedom and our hope?

Those millions of dollars spent on media lying against one another are only wasted funds when we the people need help and more focus on the true dilemma, the virus killing people across America. Where are the priorities in our leader’s hearts? I think more so on the mighty dollar, not those in need.

It is time to wake up America and take back our freedom, not division. But will this ever happen as long as the wealthy control the company? I don’t think so. All we the people expect in our lives is the freedom to survive and become the country we have always been. To those in charge, please come together as one and help us all to be on the same page instead of trying to defund our police who keep America safe. I apologize to such heroes.

Eugene Allen


Supporting local restaurants

With no end in sight to this recent pandemic, the effects it will have on the future of the state of Maine are unknown. However, so far this virus has not only affected the health of many, but has also taken a toll on our small businesses, especially our restaurants. Since the beginning of this virus, most restaurants and bars throughout the state of Maine have struggled with a lack of customers, which has greatly affected their revenue and financial success. This is largely due to the fear of the public, as many people have become extremely apprehensive about going out due to the risk of exposure.

Another struggle for small businesses are the state mandates that have been established in order for these restaurants to stay open, while also safely serving their customers. For example, although dine-in is allowed at full-service restaurants, in a recent statement by Gov. Janet Mills, she explained that bars and tasting rooms are still only permitted to offer outside seating or take-out options.

An upcoming issue to this is Maine’s cold climate. As winter is approaching, the amount of customers taking advantage of outside seating options at places that do not offer dine-in will greatly decrease, therefore decreasing the revenue of already struggling restaurants even more. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of all opportunities, whether take-out or dine-in, offered by restaurants in order to continue to keep our local restaurants open during this difficult time.

Alexis Ismail


My experience as a poll worker

On election day, I had the opportunity to be a poll worker, for the first time, in my town of Glenburn. I arrived at the polling place at 7 a.m. to find everything very organized and ready to go. There were an equal number of poll workers from each side, Democratic and Republican, and a poll watcher.

Voters entered through one door, and exited through another. Each voter was checked off on the town registry, given a pen and a ballot, proceeded to the voting booth, entered their ballot into the ballot box, then exited.

When I left at 4 p.m., hundreds of voters had passed through without incident. Many thanks go out to April Braley, town clerk, Katie Allen, deputy clerk, and all the other staff from the town who helped make voting in Glenburn a seamless process. Also, thanks to the other poll workers, and the sheriffs who were there. Thanks for this opportunity, and the pizza for lunch!

Mary Skaggs