A mask-wearing man walks by a an art print of a mask-wearing figure at Space Galley in Portland in November 2020. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

Record numbers of Mainers continue to receive unemployment benefits as the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to close. A recent spike in virus cases coincides with a time when unemployment in Maine would be high due to seasonal jobs ending.

The state’s extended benefits program is ending soon, while federal emergency unemployment programs are set to end in late December. Although Congress has contemplated extending those benefits, there is no deal on the table right now.

The Bangor Daily News wants to hear from Mainers who have filed for unemployment this year to tell the stories of those who have been affected by these programs. Have you had trouble accessing a program you should be eligible for? Are you concerned about what comes next when federal benefits run out? Fill out the form below to talk to us.

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