A wild turkey joins two deer for a snack in central Maine. Credit: Courtesy of Chris Ross

Every now and then, I’ll see one of those social media posts that shows a photo and asks people to “caption this,” and I’ll stop and ponder the image for a moment.

I rarely offer up my own caption suggestions, partly because I’m in the news business, and I think I have an advantage, and partly because I’m in the news business, and should my suggestion be only mediocre, I’d feel like an embarrassment to my profession.

Today, though, I’ll give you a couple of photos that you can caption on your own. They come to us from Chris Ross of Clinton, in response to our ongoing quest to provide some feel-good trail cam photos and videos from BDN readers.

One shows five deer milling around a grassy area — a food plot, maybe? — that appears to have all kinds of tasty deer chow growing. The second shows two deer at the same spot, with a single wild turkey dropping by for a visit.

Several deer graze on a patch of greenery in central Maine. Credit: Courtesy of Chris Ross

So, caption-writers: What do you think? Drop your best suggestions in the comments section, and we might select some of the best to share in a follow-up trail cam story. Who knows? Maybe BDN readers are so adept at formulating witty captions that we’ll turn this into a regular feature as well.

A heads-up: Ross sent along a lot of great photos, and we’ll be sharing more in the future. These two just seemed to fit so well thematically, I thought they should appear together.

Do you have a trail camera photo or video to share? Send it to jholyoke@bangordailynews.com and tell us “I consent to the BDN using my photo.” In order to prevent neighbors from stopping by to try to tag particularly large bucks, moose or bears, some identities and towns of origin may be omitted.

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