Photo courtesy of Friends of Baxter State Park BID ON THE SIGN -- This retired trail sign from the Dudley Trail on Katahdin is part of the fourth annual Friends of Baxter State Park sign auction.

Friends of Baxter State Park, a nonprofit organization that supports the 209,644-acre park, is auctioning off retired Baxter State Park signs as a fundraiser.

This year’s auction includes a total of 20 signs. Some are from favorite camping spots like Daicey Pond and Katahdin Lake. There are also signs from the iconic Dudley, Cathedral and Abol trails on Katahdin.

“The Dudley Trail was named for legendary guide and storyteller Roy Dudley,” said Aaron Megquier, the executive director of Friends of Baxter State Park. “This trail has been in use for over 100 years and follows Dudley’s favorite 1.3-mile route from Chimney Pond to the summit of Pamola Peak. Roy Dudley personally guided Percival Baxter up this route on August 8, 1920, and then across the Knife Edge to Baxter Peak. This was Percival Baxter’s first climb of Katahdin and helped to fuel his lifelong commitment to create Baxter State Park.”

The auction also includes a fiberglass terrain model of Katahdin that was formerly installed on the porch of the Ranger Station at Katahdin Stream. “This model was used by hundreds of thousands of hikers over the past several decades to plan their climbs of Katahdin,” said Megquier. It was taken out of service in 2017 when Friends of Baxter State Park donated nine new 3D terrain models to the park.

“We know that many people feel a really strong connection to the Park and would love to have something at home to help them remember their favorite places,” said Megquier. “For someone who has happy memories of a favorite campsite, mountain or fishing spot, being able to own a sign from that place is pretty special.”

Friends of Baxter State Park will donate half of the auction proceeds directly to Baxter State Park, and the remaining proceeds will go to support Friends programs. The online auction is open through Dec. 4 and may be accessed at