Noah Tanguay-Collins

NEWRY — The River Fund Maine (TRFM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Noah Tanguay-Collins as its new executive director, effective Nov. 9. The executive director is responsible for the overall successful operation and performance of TRFM. All activities of TRFM are carried out under the leadership and direction of the executive director who — in partnership with TRFM’s Board of Directors — sets the strategic direction of the organization, oversees daily operations, and works with standing committees to ensure that TRFM achieves its strategic and financial objectives. 

Leslie Jones, TRFM board president, comments, “Following a nationwide candidate search and a narrowing down to several highly qualified candidates by TRFM’s Executive Director Search Committee, we learned of Noah’s interest in talking deeply with the committee about his taking the role. Since Noah has been with TRFM since its inception, we are extremely fortunate to have selected him, a new executive director who is so knowledgeable about the organization.” 

Tanguay-Collins is well known within the Sunday River and greater Bethel communities and has a keen sense about knitting together the local, second homeowner and visitor populations. A regular host of OutsideTV’s “Wake Up Sunday River!”, TanguayCollins has worked at Sunday River Resort since 2016 in increasingly dynamic positions, most recently in the management and growth of “The River’s” wedding business. When several years ago, The River Fund Maine developed from the former Sunday River Community Fund, Tanguay-Collins facilitated its vision, mission, and core tenets along with a talented team of devoted and soon-to-be-appointed directors. 

“Armed with an inspiring “can do” attitude and a great sense of humor, Noah has worked endless hours to help build a substantial foundation for TRFM: an efficient management cadence, an outstanding Board, a robust portfolio of events, a strategic donorship and endowment plan, and a truly impactful set of programs,” says Jones. 

The River Fund Maine TRFM is a registered 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2018 with the mission to draw people together to provide financial and community support for youth to unleash their potential through education and recreation. TRFM’s desired end-state is for the youth of today to be well prepared to lead their communities into the future by obtaining an education that can prepare them to meet the complex information demands of the 21st century. To do this, TRFM provides recreational activities to draw families together while providing an economic growth engine for the region, and by fostering an understanding that a community is not a place, but a connection forged by understanding and empathy for others.

“Whether you live, recreate, or occasionally visit the greater Sunday River community, we have many ways for you to get involved with our mission, which is all about providing resources to our community’s youth through education and recreation. We have a continuously evolving slate of fun events benefiting a growing portfolio of educational programs and scholarships, diverse donor opportunities, and dedication to following our mantra, “Have Fun. Do Good,” says Tanguay-Collins.

“Collaborating on The River Fund Maine’s creation and evolution has been so rewarding. This agile organization has established itself as a trusted community partner. Having the opportunity now to lead it is surreal. I couldn’t be more excited,” he says.