Bangor Christian School

First quarter honor roll

Grade 12, high honors: Aaron Bard, Heather Boyle, Olivia Carson, Tyler Libby, Isobel Remington, Neil St. John and Benjamin Wilson; honors: Leah Collins, Aaliyah Coover, Kyle Lewis, Katherine Martin, Emily Mumford, Kassidy Parker, Kaeden Robert, Robby Vicnaire and Haley Wadsworth.

Grade 11, high honors: Madison Coover, Leah Cravin, Adam Groski, Leah Higgins, Joslyn Stutheit and Jeremiah Vadas; honors: Grace Dugans, McKenzie Hobert, Sean Jost and Lauren McGraw.

Grade 10, high honors: Hope St. John; honors: Robbie Giles, Caleb Leathers, Jason Libby, Veronica Mercier and Kayla Parker.

Grade nine, high honors: Natasha Alyokhin, Grace Lewis, Kate Linnehan, Isabelle Rounds, Natalie Todd and Mj Whitcomb; honors: Tessa Baker, Zakery Chadbourne, Joshua Conley, Hannah Legere, Carter Light, Jalen Reed, Lily Saucier, Conrad Straubel, Olivia Wadsworth and Colton White.