CUMBERLAND — Casco Systems hired Brent Willett as a senior technician in the Industrial Automation Group.

Willett is a seasoned engineer with more than 35 years’ experience in industrial automation systems and process controls. His expertise includes server administration, maintenance, control strategies and energy optimization. He has provided process and system controls services for water treatment plants, power plants, medical facilities, pulp and paper manufacturing plants and correctional facilities in the Northeast.

“Brent certainly brings a lot of experience to the table. His time at Honeywell provided him with in-depth knowledge of their software and on-site applications. Our customers will benefit greatly from his SCADA and DCS experience,” said Kevin Mahoney, owner & president

Willett is extremely knowledgeable in EBI, SCADA, OPM, PLC and OPC software and system applications. He has applied his process control knowledge to boiler installations and process optimization projects for recovery, power, gas and bark boilers. On multiple occasions he has been recognized by Honeywell for his Outstanding Contributions to Customers and Customer Service.

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