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Thank you for doing your part

Last May, the Maine State Chamber of Commerce launched an initiative called “This is ME Counting on You.” As Maine was gradually reopening our economy after COVID-19 hit in March, we developed the initiative in partnership with many local chambers and other organizations to provide businesses with resources to help spread the message that every Maine resident and visitor to our state plays an important part in crushing COVID-19. Maine people, and our economy, business community and workforce depend on all of us working together to stay safe and healthy.

As the focus has shifted to Maine’s economic recovery and preventing a resurgence, we continue to spread the message that following recommended health guidelines, including wearing a face covering and practicing social distancing, is key to ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many of us are eager for life and business to get back to normal, it is important we stay the course.

Other efforts across the state show a broad commitment to keeping Maine safe and healthy. They include Mask Up for ME in the Bangor region, and Northern Light Health’s webinar series, “Safe Return to Business,” which the Maine State Chamber was pleased to recently participate in to share information about “This is ME Counting on You” (mecountingonyou.org).

We are all in this together and counting on each other. By being safe and responsible, we will stay healthy, Maine will stay open for business, and our economy will successfully recover. The Maine State Chamber thanks you for doing your part.

Mark Ellis

Maine State Chamber of Commerce


A story that uplifts my spirit

I want to commend the BDN for your editorial about Dolly Payton’s friendship with Naji Abumrad. I had no awareness of their relationship and its significance. I don’t pay much attention to celebrities, either, so I was not aware of Parton’s philanthropy. I was excited to learn about her honoring her birth place. She obviously maintains a connection to the land where she grew up.

This story also says a lot about Abumrad. He gave her enough time and shared enough about himself that they began a relationship from a visit with a doctor.

Both of them honor their roots.

These are the kinds of stories that uplift my spirit, and that is so important always, but more especially now with all that we are going through. I cannot thank you enough.

Nancy Davis

Swan’s Island

Congratulations to Susan Collins

As someone who worked hard at the grassroots level to help get Sen. Susan Collins reelected, I want to congratulate her and thank the many Mainers who never flagged in their efforts to help keep “Our Senator” working for us in Congress.

It may be a tad melodramatic, but this achievement could be described as a triumph of good over evil. Collins, a native Mainer, has worked tirelessly in the Senate, holding the record for more than 7,000 consecutive votes, co-sponsored the Paycheck Protection Program legislation to battle COVID-19’s impact, been honored seven times with the Lugar Award as the most bipartisan senator and done it all with grace and honor.

However, in the campaign she was attacked mercilessly and hypocritically by Sara Gideon’s ads at a gargantuan financial cost — described by the Wall Street Journal as the third most expensive senate campaign in the country.

To Maine’s credit, we showed the country that our state was not for sale at any price. Legions of Democrats and Republicans voted for her on a bipartisan level which, appropriately, mirrors her approach to service as a U.S. senator.

Congratulations and good luck to Collins in a well-deserved fifth term.

Doc Wallace