What: The Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness will hold a virtual auction to support bringing disability awareness training to Maine’s students. The center is an important resource to Maine schools, holding trainings in nearly 900 classrooms a year.

In lieu of their regular in-person programming, The Cromwell Center has developed the Respecting ABILITIES curriculum to provide disability awareness training to students at home and in classrooms during COVID-19.

“Though we miss visiting schools across Maine, teachers are providing positive feedback on our curriculum,” said Susan Greenwood, the Cromwell Center’s executive director. “We can safely say that kids are still learning these vital lessons of inclusivity and empathy. We hope this auction will enable us to offer curriculum and support to every classroom that needs it.”

Who: The Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness When: The auction closes Dec. 3.

Where: https://cromwell2020.ggo.bid/bidding/package-browse.

The Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness’ mission is to promote safe, respectful, and inclusive schools and communities. The organization works to change attitudes and build understanding resulting in equal respect, support and opportunity for people with disabilities. Programs for children, parents, and teachers build sensitivity, understanding and inclusion, reduce bullying, and help create safer and more welcoming schools and communities. For more information, please visit http://www.cromwellcenter.org.