PORTLAND — Well-known attorneys Benjamin R. Gideon and Taylor A. Asen have taken a bold step by tearing away from a large law firm in Lewiston to build a new state-wide trial practice.

A wealth of experience will follow Gideon and Asen to their new firm, Gideon Asen LLC. The attorneys have opened an office in New Gloucester and will soon be announcing offices in Portland and Bangor as well.

Both Gideon and Asen hope to bring a higher value to past and future clients by narrowing their focus to significant cases. Those cases include complex issues of medical malpractice, personal injury, maritime and industrial incidents, product defects and toxic torts.

“I am excited to begin the next chapter in my career as a champion for my clients who have experienced hardship and suffering in their lives and are seeking justice through our civil jury process,” Gideon said. “I believe that Attorney Asen and I will be able to bring unparalleled experience and expertise to bear on the cases we choose to accept.”

After a very successful 17-year career with Berman & Simmons as both owner and partner, Gideon says the new firm will take on tough cases, tapping into their vast experience fighting cases in trials across New England.

Asen worked at Berman & Simmons for the past four years and prior to 2016 worked for a law firm in New York City, where he handled a wide range of class-action and mass tort cases. Both attorneys are graduates of Yale Law School.

“The great thing about our country’s legal system is that if you have been harmed, you can stand up in court against the people or corporations that are responsible, no matter how wealthy or powerful they might be,” Asen says. “As lawyers for plaintiffs, we play a key role in that process. We have the resources and the skills to stand up for the little guy.”

Attorney Gideon is known for his mastery of the courtroom. Many of Ben’s cases involve people who were seriously injured or killed because of negligence within large corporations. He is motivated to hold negligent corporations accountable and to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Attorney Gideon’s jury verdicts include a recent $22.5 million jury verdict for a client who lost both legs in a tragic industrial accident, one of the highest verdicts ever in Northern New England. Attorney Gideon is the only Maine-based lawyer who has achieved significant seven-figure settlements for clients in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and numerous other states.

Over the past decade, Attorney Gideon has recovered more than $130 million for his clients. Gideon is only the second lawyer in Maine history to have been inducted into the prestigious Inner Circle of Advocates, an elite group of the top 100 plaintiff trial lawyers in the U.S.

Attorney Asen is a superb writer and researcher, who honed his skills as a federal law clerk andis known for his creative approach to lawyering.

Although already open and operating, Gideon Asen plans a more official launch in January.