Wreath-making is a traditional skill in Maine, one that can help generate income during what can be a time of slower cash flow for farmers. University of Maine Cooperative Extension has a variety of publications developed for wreath, garland and centerpiece makers.

The bulletins include:

“Balsam Fir Tip Harvesting,” which provides information on identification, harvesting and selling balsam fir tips. The online version includes video on harvesting techniques.

“Making Balsam Fir Wreaths,” which includes information on materials needed and detailed instructions for making single- and double-faced wreaths. 

“Farmer Skill and Knowledge Checklist: Wreath, Garland, and Centerpiece-Makers,” which is a comprehensive list of skills and information relevant for hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

UMaine Extension bulletins may be ordered or downloaded from the publications catalog or by contacting 207-581-3792 or extension.orders@maine.edu.

Wreath making involves repetitive motions such as cutting boughs and wrapping wire, as well as standing or working in awkward positions for long periods of time, all of which can contribute to muscle and joint pain and possible injury. Recommendations from Maine AgrAbility include varying tasks to prevent overuse of one set of muscles, alternating between seated and standing tasks, taking breaks and stretching, using ergonomically designed or lighter weight tools, and considering universal design recommendations at workstations. For more information contact 207-944-1533 or maine.agrability@maine.edu.