BANGOR — Celebrating its 160th year in business, W. A. Bean & Sons has recently been named by Food & Wine as one of the Top 100 Butcher and Meat Markets in the country. 

Food & Wine has long been established as the tastemakers and influencers in the food and beverage industry and compiled an in-depth list that was released on Nov. 20 (–mwBaoJWtlM-vq0vT5CzpZ9xglLxz4).

“It’s an honor for our company to be recognized as one of this country’s oldest and best Butcher Shops/Meat Markets. It is a real testament to our hard working employees that have put in valuable time over the years here for our company,” said President David Bean.

W.A. Bean & Sons has been in operation in Bangor since 1860 proudly serving the community and the entire state of Maine. We take pride in being a small, family owned business and look forward to providing quality products for years to come.